science supports homeopathy

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science supports homeopathy

Post  AstroDog on Fri Apr 16, 2010 12:11 pm

The defining role of structure (including epitaxy)
in the plausibility of homeopathy, Manju Lata Rao, Rustum Roy, Iris R Bell,and Richard Hoover, Homeopathy (2007) 96, pp. 175–182.

Also see: Rao, et. Al. “Characterization of the Structure of Ultra Dilute Sols with Remarkable Biological Properties,” Materials Letters, Vol. 62, Issues 10-11, pp. 1487-1490 (2008).

Professor Rustom Roy, the Founding Director of the Materials Research Laboratory at Penn State and one of the world's leading experts on the structure of water, along with Professor Iris R. Bell, Director of Research Education for the Program of Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, presented their findings to an audience of prominent American scientists and medical researchers.

Roy's laboratory has found, using multiple testing methods, that not only do different remedy dilutions in excess of Avogadro's number carry unique characteristic signatures, but different potencies do as well!

These results will not only serve to prove to the scientific community that homeopathic medicines are not placebo medicine, but they also will provide a way for the homeopathic pharmacies to assure the nature and quality of their products.


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