Selma's report

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Selma's report

Post  scarface on Fri Apr 16, 2010 8:09 am

Posted: 31 Jan. 10 at 07:52 in the other forum:

Hi everyone, my name is Selma and I am a user of homeopathy for many years. I was member of this forum but didn't visit it too often due to my own health conditions (I had lyme disease, so was 100% busy trying to survive, little time to be elsewhere than lyme forums). Now that I'm 'healed' (about 70% due to homeopathic substances or treatments!!), I was introduced to this thread again by Truthfinder, my old friend.

I decided to subscribe again as I forgot my username.

I use different 'schools' from classical to 'experimental'. I'm a fan of nosodes, autonosodes, of mixed substances in a single bottle, of mixed potencies either separate or in a single remedy, of LM potencies (learned with my doctor)..... I'd love to know more about classical homeopathy, but that I leave for my doctors.

I read this thread about a week ago and am doing my own experiments!!!

I won't disclose what (because if the simple substances are already creating too much discussions here, you guys won't believe what I'm doing...), but who knows one day. But I just want to say, it is working!! I was fighting candida infection (on GI tract and skin) again, taking many products (mostly homeopathic), but needed diet and the skin condition was still not well (still slowly worsening). Until the day I started my name remedy!!!! Thanks to Scarface !! Thank you !!

I let it sit overnight and KEPT the name on the paper until now. I won't disclose what I wrote there , but it is an energy product.

I really wanted to say MANY thanks to Scarface for sharing this information and his tests with us all. I had no trouble in 'accepting' to do a test as I live in country that doesn't know about homeopathy (South Korea). I've never seen any homeopathic product around so far...

So these paper remedies can really be helpful, especially because if I import everything, they go through many Xrays until it reaches me!

I do energetic tests to find out potencies and remedies, from plants, to antibiotics to microcurrent, to Nogier frequencies, to accupuncture point treatment etc. My homeopathic doctor does energetic tests to determine the exact homeopathic substances to clean each organ of the body, and he does that through NAME TESTING.

He's been working with name testing for many years (I guess more than a decade for sure) and he's very successful (one needs to wait about minimum 3 months to get an appoitment, and he only takes clients after an interview due to his busy schedule).

I am his patient for about 5 years now. Even if I don't live in Europe anymore, we still sometimes exchange emails.

What I mean with that is that I was ALWAYS intrigued how he could do these name testings so often. He forced me since about a year or two to do that too, because he saw I could do energetic tests well.

First, I didn't feel any confidence, because the logic behind escaped me. As it escapes from most of the posters here, right? How can my ANS recognize a name printed in the paper EVEN IF I DON'T READ IT myself?? During all these years he NAME TESTED products for me, I was never LOOKING at the papers, and most substances, I had no idea what they do to anyone (like Luna, for example).

But my arm muscles reacted to these names he read silently to himself? Or sometimes, he even didn't read, as he was testing about 5-8 substances AT ONCE, in the speed of 5-8 substances in a second!!! Yes, that was what happened.

I bought the same book he uses by his suggestion, and started testing this 'name testing' technique. I'm not an homeopath, so my knowledge of homeopathic substances is limited. So reading the names won't tell me much. With the time, I realized that the tests do work, they work though in a less strong way than the tests that are done with REAL homeopathic substances, in my feeling.

My doctor has an homeopathic 'library' in his office with thousands of REAL homeopathic substances. After name testing the substance, then finding the potency and dilution (all with names and numbers), he will take the REAL substance with the exact potency and dilution and re-test again to confirm his previous findings.

I suspect that he is right most of the time. But mistakes might happen (that is why he confirms that again with real substances)! It will though happen that I need a rare substance and that he won't have it in his office homeopathic 'library'. So he re-checks in his homeopathic bible to confirm what the substance does according to literature, he then writes me a prescription. I test the REAL substance at home, of course, when I get it, and so far he never got it wrong! So he does that by only testing the name!

Only after months using name testing, I got a bit more confident. But as I said, I still prefer the actual substance testing. I think the energetic 'signals' are stronger (you get the real frequency + name on the bottle) to test. While with the name, is only the name.

But, on the other hand, the more I am familiar with a substance, the less I need the real substance to test. If I just say nux vomica, berberis, arnica, ledum, hypericum, ferrum phosphoricum, alium cepa, whatever, all these common substances, my name tests have the same response intensity as with the real bottled substances! Even for brand names, like Hepar compositum, Lymphomyosot, Solidago Compositum, Sanukehl Candida, Polysan G, etc. The name testing is very precise if I know what I'm testing because of long term experience witht he real substances.

It's like I increase the frequency of name testing by knowing the substance 'by heart'!

I'm talking all that just to say that if name testing works (to a good extent), there must be some sort of 'energy' or 'frequency' in the name as suggested by this thread that makes my muscle react to the name itself. So, why wouldn't the water get the imprint from the name, if my muscles already react to the mere name written on paper?

It is not strange at all when we think about all the 'telepathic' communication going around. Call it the name you would like. But there's some sort of communication between people of the same generation, that make them behave similarly, some sort of frequency that vibrates the same way, no matter where you are.

If you belong to that age group, you'll be like receiving telepathic information from all around, even if you don't have a TV or don't go out much to socialize. Like as though there's instant understanding between pals of same age that are not resonating the same with pals of different ages. They get the same types of diseases (especially psychologic disfunctions) for example, that intrigues me. As I travel around, I see that repetition in different continents. You can say it's merely globalization, but I doubt.

This was told to me once by a medical doctor, who said that when he was doing his examinations to become a doctor, he had no money and had to work to pay for his studies. And had not enough time to study as he felt asleep most of the time (for pure lack of sleep due to work + study hours). He said that in the tests, he would use less energy to remember things (medicine tests are mostly memory tests!!!) if he opened his 'spirit' to the outside, NOT to the inside. A bit like an antenna catching what other students were doing!!!

He did that as a joke, but not as much, I blelieve. He said that we can gain a lot while opening our ears and eyes to the outside and NOT the opposite, like concentrating to the INSIDE, like most people think MEMORY is stored.

He now believes, after he studied all these theories about photon emissions of our cells, that each photon carries an incredible amount of information. And the photons travel inside and outside of our bodies, and their speed of communication is the light speed (very, very fast). His theory is that our memory is not stored IN the brain, like we thought, but that it is mainly stored in the photon field AROUND (and inside) our bodies!!

Some fish are said to communicate not using sound nor visible light, but these photon emissions that are 'read' and interpreted by all, that 's how it seems some fish maintain their groupings and swim to escape prey. They communicate fast, very fast this way. If anyone saw a video about a big predator chasing a school of fish, you'll understand how fast the WHOLE school moves from one side to another.

Whether this name paper story happens because of this 'general' telepathic hability of people to communicate or not, I have no clue though. That the photon field around everyone travels much farther and create these layers of frequencies around the planet when we say a word or think about a word, I don't know.

we still don't know how homeopathy works right? Despite so many years of clinical practice.

No one is able to explain it well . I guess it will take even more time to explain how a name vibrates and creates it's own frequencies. And how water can take it all, all these frequencies. Wasn't the Japanese that put music to water and photographed all the microstructure in water, depending on different music they played?

The Japanese are very practical people and very bad to make theories. I wonder if they wouldn't do something similar with name remedies too, try to take pictures to see if the micro structure of a real homeopathic substance doesn't get to be similar to the name paper remedy! Pity that they know so little about homeopathy in Japan and in Eastern Asia...

I do think that when the India sages tell us that any big massacre done anywhere in the world will have repercussions to the last drop of water in the ocean, I do think they are right. Even if people don't know about that massacre. Same goes for the good things we concentrate on. I have a feeling that the mechanism that acts on this level (that a massacre is felt all over the planet) is the same mechanism that operates in these name remedies.

People that know about plant medicine know the mechanims of communication betwen humans and plants, right? Every single shaman, no matter in what part of the world, will tell you that he learns about plants and their healing properties NOT by trial and error, but by direct communication with plants or through a dream. Not a single guy will say he learns that by trial and error! That makes me think.

I used to read ethnological books about the guarani, a tribe in South America, when I was young. I remember they said they believe most names from plants and animals they use were communicated to them like that. By direct interaction with those animals and plants! That's why they believe the names have the spirit of the plant and the spirit of the animal and that some names cannot be pronounced.

Well, I guess that's enough for a first post. Sorry for being too long.

Just want to say, the paper remedy is working. I stopped all real homeopathic substances I was using as they now test negative. I'm off anti candida diet ever since!! thanks again, Scarface and everybody.



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Thanks, Scarface!

Post  Doug on Mon May 03, 2010 10:44 pm

Like Selma, I mostly want to express gratitude to Scarface for creating this website and sharing information. April, thank you too for your wonderful cases. The Ledum story is amazing.

I've been using "paper remedies" occasionally for a number of years (I've been a full-time classical homeopath for about 11 years). I've used them when I couldn't obtain the actual remedy, or when it would take a long time to obtain it. My assumption has been that the remedy would capture "an echo" of the "real" remedy, and therefore would help a little bit, until the "real" remedy arrived.

The cases here, however, make me wonder whether there really IS a difference at all? So for me the question isn't whether paper remedies work. It's whether they work AS WELL.

Since I was introduced to this website I've done a bit of additional testing. Last week I had a follow-up with a 6 yr. old girl who had progressed very nicely on Fabiana. Half a year ago her mother brought her to me for nightmares, clinging behavior, and some developmental delays. She had some social difficulties at school.When I saw her last week she talked about a tummy ache pressing out, some mean kids at school who made her feel unimportant, and I briefly considered switching her to a Liliaceae remedy. But fears of the dark came up again, and I thought best to act conservatively, and repeat the Fabiana. 3 days later the mother called saying the child had a 103 degree (Farenheit) fever (39.5 C). She had been vomiting. I asked to speak to the child. She said she had a terrible headache. "It's squeezing in and pushing out". At this point I knew she needed not Fabiana, but Lilum tigrinum (the sycotic miasm was clear from her hiding, secretiveness during the interviews). Rather than going all the way back to the office for the remedy, and asking the mother to come and pick it up, I had the mother make up a water remedy of Lilium t. The next day, the daughter was feeling well, eating a big breakfast. She tells me over the phone "I feel fine!" No tummy ache, no nausea, no headache. The sensation of pressing out was completely gone. A chronic rash was almost completely gone.

In my 10 plus years of practice I have noticed big effects from the use of Sac lac. If I switch remedies, I'm always very sure to change the SL remedy bottle and label.

It's a matter of semantics, but I prefer the term "Echo" remedy to the term "paper remedy". "Echo" captures the idea of perception of energy, to my "ear".

So, as I've said, I'm convinced of the efficacy of these remedies. What I'm still not completely sure about is the depth and durability. Is there a difference in strength of signal? Of durability? I'm interested in your opinions!

Thanks again, Scarface!


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Re: Selma's report

Post  scarface on Tue May 04, 2010 2:09 am

Thank you Doug and welcome to this forum !

I used to call paper written remedies "copy of real remedies". The name is just a personal matter. It is not really important. The abrevation PR was given by somebody in the other forum.
"Echo" is a choice too.

I made my first PR last summer. Since then I used them hundreds of times. I have people who I treat only with PRs. At the beginning I did not know whether they work all the time or not.
In the meantime I am 110% convinced that in effect there is no diference to any real remedy.
There were cases where I misstrusted Helios remedies, but I did not see a case where o proper chosen PR failed.

But this confidence only came after using them enough to see the effect and convinved myself.
If you used them only ocasionally there is no way to get this confidence. You only can get the confidence by seeing the results. Once you see 100% results and 100% effect in all the cases then you will have the same confidence as me, or you will have the same confidence as with real remedies. And the only way to get this is to use them more often.

About the effect of any homeopathic remedy in any form, let me tell you something which you cannot read in Organon, nor it is something that a standard homeopath will know, because it is not written in the homeoapthic books.


What will happen afterwards has nothing to to anymore with the remedy.

For the rest it is only the "vital force" responsable. But the word "vital force" it is not the proper description because there is no force without a cause. The vital force is actually the soul, the etheric body. This is what/who gets the remedy actually.

This etheric body gets an etheric substance from the remedy, a substance with a certain force and direction of action which will regulate something in the etheric body. The sickness is always in the soul, the remedies will always affect the soul and not the body and what you see after taking te remedy it is the reaction of the soul of the regulation done by the remedy.

Once this etheric substance got in the soul, the effect of the remedy itself is over.
From now on we will only see what the soul is gonna do after this regulation has been started.

So people will only see the effect of the effect and never the effect of the remedy.

From now on we will only see the healing made by the soul in the body and not the effect of the remedy itself. The effect of the remedy is done once taken. Over.

So to this point it does not matter how long a remedy will act, becuse there is not such a thing.
The remedy contains only some etheric substances and nothing more. There is no duration connected to a substance. The duration depends of what happens afterwards in the soul and you will not be able to see the effect of the remedy in ths soul neither, but only the working of the soul in the body.

What people call the "duration of the remedy" is actualy the duration of the actione done by the soul in the body.

To get a clear picture of it I give an example.
We have a old house (body) where a house-keeper (soul) is living. This worker is tired and lazy and would need some food and energy to start to fix and clean the house. If you give him a good food (remedy) he will start to work and will do a good job.
When you watch the house cleaned and fixed you will never say this was done by the bread and salami that you have given to the houskeeperr or that the bread had an effect of 1 or 2 days.
It is the worker who do the job.

This example above is describing 100% the real process abd the relation between soul, body and remedy.

For some people one single dose of a remedy will be enough to do the healing, for others more doses will be required. This ONLY depends of the state of their soul and body.
If the houskeeper needs 1 month or six months to finish the job depends of his power and of the state of the house.

So we have to distinguish between the effect remedy given and the effect of the work done by the soul, which are very distinct issues.

That is why it cannot be a difference between a PR and a real remedy in the duration of the remedy, because there is no such thing. Once given, if the PR is a copy of a real remedy, the effect will be over some seconds later after the remedy was taken and absorbed by the soul.
The real effect that you see is what the soul (vital force) will do in the body.

And it does not even matter how the remedy entry the soul: mouth, skin, hair, aura.


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Re: Selma's report

Post  Doug on Tue May 04, 2010 5:26 pm

Thanks for your insight, Scarface. I'm sure your right; i.e. it's a matter of gaining more experience. I wonder if this is analogous to homeopathy's becoming accustomed to machine made potentizations. At first there was resistance: these are supposed to be made by hand! How could a machine make an equally potent remedy?

As a materialist culture we want to be able to give the patient some THING. Globules are handy representations for us.

I sense some wonderful discoveries ahead. I ponder the following questions:

1) Why is ANY time needed at all for the Echo (Paper) remedy to "brew"?
2) What effect does varying the "brewing time" have on the remedy (or rather on the effect on the patient?)
3) What effect would leaving out potency have, i.e. just writing the name of the remedy?

Thanks again, Scarface!



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Re: Selma's report

Post  scarface on Wed May 05, 2010 12:46 am

Hi Doug, these are questions that I put to myself too.

Using (radionic) machines to make copy of the remedies it is only a more complicated way to do the same as with the paper method. I quess only intention and name is what matters.

To 1) I don't know if or how much time is needed for that for sure. I only can tell what worked for me: anything between 10-60 minutes. I did not tasted other times yet. That is why I used only the times that I have tested and know that works. Avril found as first in an emergency case out that remedies were ready after 10 minutes. Later I tested myself that less time then the initial 40 -60 minutes works too.

There is a doctor in Pakistan who use only the spoken word to make remedies in one instant. He ask God to program this or that remedy and in that potency in the water. He has a clinic and he is using this method for 7 years or so. But HE is preparing himself the remedies and not the patients, like in my cases. If the patients prepare the remedies you have to show them a method suited for them. In this case longer times of progarmming are better since the whole method is strange enough for any person and they can rather believe in the programming over time and vibration than in other theories.

To 2) I don't know. Selma found out that her special remedy, which was not homeopathic, needed 12 hrs to be "ready". But this was not a homeopathic remedy !

To 3) We need something and we have to ask precisely for that. I would not leave the potency out ! Maybe you get the mother tincture...

The best methods in using PR made by you for the patients are :
- to give them a small bottle with a mix of water and alcool or pure alcool programmed as pr
- to give them sugar pellets impregnated in the water/alcool FROM A DILUTION made as PRs.
- to give them distilled water ampulles with the name and potency of the remedy written on it.

All three methods are handy and the patient has something in the hand.

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Good Test Case

Post  Doug on Wed May 05, 2010 5:19 pm

Today the universe sent me what seems a perfect test case! A new patient, 70 yrs. old, with chief complaint of numbness in both hands, forearms, feet. He feels stiff and uncordinated, esp. when first getting up. He brings MRI documenting extensive cervical degeneration, spondylosis, as well as lumbar spinal stenosis. At the emotional and mental level quite content (He is Indian....Americans are rarely so content!) So the disease is chronic, slow in onset, and resulting in quite extensive pathological changes. A good case for an LM potency. Although the patient is from India, he has never consulted with a homeopath!
After two hours with the patient, I felt quite confident of the remedy: Rhus tox. Not having LMs in my office, but having empty 1 oz. dropper bottles, I prepared a PR of Rhus tox LM5. I'll keep the Forum posted of his progress!


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Rhus tox test case

Post  Doug on Wed May 12, 2010 9:53 am

This morning I had a one week check-in call from my patient. I was internally prepared to hear that nothing had changed. My plan was to call Hahneman Labs after our phone call and order the same remedy/potency - Rhus tox LM5 - to be shipped to the patient.

But what a nice surprise!! The patient sounded happy. He gave me a detailed rendition of symptoms day by day for the last week. In summary, he is feeling more relaxed, less stiff. His coordination is somewhat improved. The swelling in his feet is less. He has not yet noticed any reduction in the numbness of his palms, but there is a small but definite reduction in the numbness of his abdomen (trunk). He is able to walk longer distances.

Plan is to continue daily dose of Rhus tox LM5 Echo (paper remedy)

I'll be seeing him back in my office on June 17th, and will post the follow-up then. In the mean time, I can say that I am really intrigued and caught up in the magic of this. After witnessing homeopathic miracles for 12 years I suppose I got used to it. Now I'm feeling the magic and mystery of it all over again. Thank you Scarface!


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Re: Selma's report

Post  scarface on Wed May 12, 2010 3:06 pm

Hi Doug,
well, the result does not surprize me at all :-)
I use this kind of remedies daily and I never could notice any difference to standard remedies so far.
But I repeat: it took myself some months to get from the state of amazed to the state of confidence. So it is very normal what you feel. Continue to use them and you will get this confidence too.


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Re: Selma's report

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