John's Results

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John's Results

Post  aether22 on Mon Jan 12, 2015 1:50 pm

I was not aware anyone else was using this method, I had reasoned it would work from claims by some radionic practitioners and of course Emoto.

I only have one main test, it worked to help my mothers sleeping difficulty.

But the most amazing thing was when I read that scarface mentioned the weird taste of the water, because that was what was observed here too, without being aware that anyone else was trying this let alone noticing the strange taste the water had gained.

I have also tried the paper doctor remedies before, are you aware of these?
These are essentially the same except more detailed, and they use a magnet to do it properly.

I will end this with the following thought of making unique remedies:

Alchemical Easter Eggs (from Keelynet)

The pre-Christian 'pagans' held that Easter was a period of resurrection, long before the Christians 'absorbed' this belief into theirs. An alchemist friend of mine, Hans Nintzel, claims that eggs laid within a 3 day period of Easter (before, on or after) would NOT rot or decay over the next year or more. He said they simply dry out and when cracked open would not be rancid, smell or otherwise be different from a fresh egg.
Perhaps such a resurrection/rejuvenation effect is available to those who know how to accumulate or focus these particular stellar radiations to energize, recharge, heal, mutate or rejuvenate the body??
High mass substances such as rocks could be used to concentrate and mechanically focus (by a parabolic dish) these collected energies into a chamber (as in the Kings Chamber) for specific expectations or experiments.

So if the correct location or energy can be identified, maybe this could be good for anti-aging?
BTW a strong correlation that won't go away has been found between different time of the year to be born and longevity, while it is guessed there might be conventional (food, sunlight, temperature) causes, it is perhaps more likely that there are specific periods that have a more beneficial astronomical/radionic (astrological if you like) energy playing on the earth at that time.

So has success in making entirely unique remedies been forthcoming, or have the greatest results been from reproducing tried and true homeopathic cures in paper form?



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Re: John's Results

Post  scarface on Mon Jan 12, 2015 3:12 pm

Hi John,

the source of the energy are in my oppinion the spirits of the plants or mineral... the beings called "fairy", dwarf or similar...
They take care of the plants, minerals, animals...
So the come and give their vibration in the water...
Regarding the eggs probably the same... these beings know about Jesus too and then they do something apart, small miracles for us to celebrate...

In the meantime I used this method a lot... many thousands time...100% works always...

I realized that the time of programming plays no role..

The taste is many times or even most times a sign for choosing the right remedy...when it resonate with the person, the person will taste a different taste of the water...

I discovered also many new remedies... thousands... it does not matter which plant or mineral you use...if known or unknow..but you have to know the effect of the remedy...

You don't even has to programm the remedy in water.. . you can call it telepathy "Arnica C30 come to me please"...this works also... you can send also remedies by thought to other also...tested...

But the best medical discovery I ever made in these years is this one and has nothing with homeopathy to do:

check also this video with undertitles

The new german medicine gives all the answers that not even homeopathy dream about to know...
It is the most important and most complete and true medical science... it is amazing that someone (a german again!) discovered that...

Good luck and study the new german medicine until you undestand it...


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