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Avril's reports

Post  scarface on Fri Apr 16, 2010 7:52 am

Originally posted by april (avril) Posted: 27 Jan. 10 at 04:51 in the other forum.

"Yes, Scarface, not too long after you posted this originally, I found an opportunity to try it. I've been meaning to post the results for awhile. Snoopy had asked about it on another thread, but I'll post my reply on this one, too, to keep the results all together. Thanks, again, for your ideas and observations!

Upavaid, I participate in another, professional forum, and we are literally, from all over the world, very different cultures, different languages and experiences. But, our love for homeopathy and humanity, is what binds us together. Our similarities are greater than our differences. My wish is that all could see this.Avril

Here’s my experiences with making my own “paper remedies”:
This was over Christmas vacation. The entire day, my little daughter had been absolutely horrid and ugly—I mean, it was bad! I was quite happy to send her to bed, thinking she must surely be coming down with something. But, around midnight, she woke, complaining of a crawling sensation in her bottom, and crying piteously. The night before I had heard her violently grinding her teeth in her sleep. [We had hiked down to a natural waterfall, and gone swimming in the pool. She had swallowed a lot of the water, and I think may have picked up some worms.] She asked for first one thing, than the other, but nothing seemed to satisfy her. She was in quite a frantic state. I tried giving her Chamomilla, with no effect whatsoever. I wanted to give her Cina, but I didn’t have it at home. Here’s a bit about the indications for Cina, which fit her so perfectly, I wondered if she’d read the books!:
TOUCHY, ugly [even more than Cham.]. "Dislikes even favourite toys." "There is no child more contemptible than the Cina child; he is easily excited; weak; screams, strikes and bites; is cross and obstinate" [Lippe]. "About the worst child, except possibly Stram" [Morrison].
Child constantly ill-humored; doesn't want to be TOUCHED [especially on the HEAD, e.g. combing hair], CARESSED and LOOKED AT.
Screaming at night, grinding of teeth; child can only lie on the ABDOMEN, wakes in any other position. Wants to be carried over the shoulder [= pressure on abdomen], but carrying gives no relief. Chews and swallows in sleep.
Refuses things asked for; throws them away and tries to hit you [unlike Cham., who throws anywhere].

She kept screaming and crying for me to do something!! So, at 1:30 a.m., we drove over to my office, as I thought I had Cina. Arrived to find I didn’t. Now what?? So, I remembered the thread that Scarface had started, and thought this was just the time to put it to the test. Here’s what I did:

1) I took a clear, glass cup, the kind you might serve a hot coffee drink in.
2) I wrote the entire name and potency of the remedy I wanted, on a piece of typing paper, with a ballpoint pen: Cina maritime 200C.
3) I filled the glass about ¾ full with drinking water.
4) Before taping on the paper, I asked my daughter to take a sip, and asked her what it tasted like. “Like water, what else!?” (I did this, as Scarface said that most that have tried it, mentioned that the water would have a strange taste after being made into a “remedy”.)
5) I then taped the paper to the cup, with the writing facing in towards the water. (I was able to read it through the other side of the cup). I taped it well below the waterline.
6) Then, I set it on a shelf, in a darkened room.
7) I let it set for the full 45 minutes that Scarface recommended. (I thought that just maybe she’d get exhausted enough, and be able to fall asleep, but no such luck! The entire time, she was moaning and groaning, whining and crying.)
Cool When done, I succussed it on the palm of my hand, 10 times—spilling a little on my hand. (The next time I used plastic wrap to cover it.)
9) I had her take one sip. Without me asking, she spontaneously said, “It tastes funny!”

RESULTS: I could hardly believe it myself, but almost immediately after taking the cup from her lips, she looked up at me, smiled sweetly and said “Thank you, Mommy!” and scampered off to bed. Even for a real remedy, this seemed incredibly fast. She fell right to sleep, and slept soundly, the entire night.
She seemed fine the next two days and nights. The following evening, she again awoke, complaining of the crawling sensation. I still had the remedy, so I succussed it, and gave her another sip. This time, she said it didn’t have any taste, and the remedy didn’t seem to work. I then thought maybe it was because I had never covered it, and I’m theorizing that the essence of the remedy evaporated out. I made up a new “batch”, this time tightly covering it with plastic wrap. Again, as soon as I gave it to her, its effect was immediate.

A couple of weeks later, she again complained that the worms were bothering her. The remedy had been sitting in the covered glass this whole time. She said it tasted very bad and bitter, but it worked immediately. I thought it strange that the water tasted so bad, yet it appeared perfectly clean and clear, and did not smell at all. She’s had no further problems with the worms, since then.

A few days after her first episode, her older sister’s behavior became quite ugly, too--very uncharacteristic of her. She woke up at night, crying that she thought she had worms, too. I gave her one dose of the same Cina 200C, and it stopped the crawling sensation within a minute or two. Her behavior returned to normal. Three nights later, she required one more dose, and everything has been fine since.

The next time I tried it was with an actual patient, someone with a split personality, a deep mental disturbance. I’m the third homeopath she’s worked with, and it was a difficult case. Finally, using the Sensation Method, I came to a very unusual remedy for her. I had to order it from Remedia, in Austria, but the highest potency they had was a 1M. She improved a great deal with the 1M, and I didn’t hear from her for a few months. (Before this remedy, she was coming in almost weekly, as she had so much anxiety, and required a lot of support.)
Then one day, I got a call from one of the angry, abusive personalities, accusing me of not returning her call (what call??—she had actually phoned her old homeopath, who alerted me!). She was very anxious as her exams were coming up, and was completely freaked out, talking in a very rapid pace. I felt she needed another dose of her remedy. But, she had moved a couple of times, and had no idea where her remedy was. As it was such a rare remedy, I did not have any other. From the first, I felt she had needed a 10M potency to begin with, but I could not find anyone that had it in that high of potency. She needed help, now, and I did not have the luxury of waiting the two weeks that it usually takes, to get it from Remedia. In fact, she was demanding I do something for her now!

So, I took a 1 oz amber dropper bottle, and filled it ¾ full of water. I wrote the name of the remedy out, and 10M. Again, I taped it to the bottle, under the waterline, facing in. I also wrote the name on the outside of the label, so she would know what it was. I put it in a bag, and set it in the box outside my office, where patients can pick up remedies. She picked it up in an hour, so it had time to “brew”. I did not tell her what I’d done, but said I had the higher potency, waiting at my office for her. (She is a patient that I’ve been treating mostly for free, as she has little money, but needs the help. So, I did not charge her anything for the remedy.)

RESULT: She called me a few days later, saying she had passed her exams with flying colors, that the remedy had helped her to calm down and focus, instead of being scattered all over the place. I had her come in for a follow up. It was the first time in the two years that I’ve worked with her, that I felt I wasn’t talking with a totally insane person. She no longer feels fragmented or split. She appeared to be living in reality, instead of the delusional world she was in before. She was calm and rational, and made some very astute observations about many of her choices that she’d made. We both felt she was doing very well. She continues to take the remedy in watery doses, as needed, mostly when she starts feeling anxious. She says it calms her down within minutes.

The other time I’ve used it was with my 20 yo son. He woke at 2 a.m. with severe pain in his right abdomen, below his ribs. He said it felt like something serious was wrong, maybe an appendicitis attack. As he’s never been one to complain of pain, when he does, I know it must be something. He thought it was from not eating anything all day, and then overeating, a huge bowl of Pho (a Vietnamese noodle soup), and he’d drank a couple of pots of hot tea. He could not stand to lie in bed, and felt better for walking around. But, as it was the middle of the night, he was too tired to keep standing. He described the pain as cramping and twisted, like he had eaten glass shards that were now cutting and grinding up in his intestines. While I was repertorizing his symptoms, I noticed he was lying on the couch with a pillow under his back, stretched back and twisted to the side, with his arm stretched over his head. He said that the stretching back felt better, and he was trying to stretch and untwist the cramp. This stretching and twisting immediately brought to mind the remedy, Dioscorea, or wild yam, so I went to read about it.

Murphy has this to say about Dioscorea:
“Flatulence after meals in stomach or bowels, who from some excess in eating or from fasting or from some error in diet, as eating old cheese or uncooked fruit, pastry, etc., especially if they are great tea drinkers, may be suddenly seized with violent colic.”
Causations - Ill effects of excessive tea drinking. (He drinks many cups every day.)
Modalities - Better from stretching out or bending back. Better standing erect, motion, better in open air. Better from hard pressure. Worse from tea, eating, evening and night. Worse from lying down and doubling up.
Griping, cutting in hypogastric region with intermittent cutting in stomach and small intestines.

I did not have the remedy, and as it was again the middle of the night, I decided to make up one, in a 200C potency. Because of the severity of the pain, and he felt he was going to pass out from it, I felt I couldn’t wait the full 45 minutes. This time, I decided to try it after only 15 minutes, figuring it wouldn’t hurt to try it—I could always continue to wait longer, if it didn’t work.

RESULTS: Even though I’d seen the other remedies work, I was still pretty amazed to have him suddenly get up, a mere two minutes later, and say, “It worked! All the pain’s gone!” Around 5 a.m., he again woke with the pains, though not as severe. I was asleep, but on his own, he succussed the cup, took a sip, and said the pain went away within a few minutes. He’s had no further trouble.

Because my kids have grown up on homeopathy, they just figure that mom knows what she’s doing, and I have a remedy for everything. So, for them, I don’t think it seemed like such an unusual thing. I have to say, I was a very big skeptic of the paper remedy method. I remember scoffing, when I’d heard about homeopaths who had claimed success by just setting a glass of water on top of the name of the remedy. It just seemed a little too woo-woo for me. So, while I still don’t really understand why this seems to work, and I’m still buying my remedies from the pharmacies, I feel like, seeing is believing. As Scarface keeps exhorting others to just try it out themselves, I think that’s the only way that most of us will be able to draw our own conclusions. Think of the possibilities that this opens up! Thanks, Scarface. Regards,

Avril" (April)

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Re: Avril's reports

Post  scarface on Fri Apr 16, 2010 7:53 am

Originally posted by avril
Posted: 28 Jan. 10 at 02:49

"I had an unexpected chance to try out the paper remedy again, today!
My teen daughter called me to see if I could bring a remedy to a friend of hers, suffering from an intense toothache in a broken tooth, probably an abscess, as well. He apparently had had it for some time, off and on, but couldn’t afford to see a dentist, to get it fixed or pulled.
I’ve treated him for some acute injuries before, so he phoned my daughter, to see if I had anything for a toothache. He was in so much pain, he could barely answer her questions. All she could get was it was very intense, bringing him to the point of tears , was pulsating in nature, coming in waves, and he was very irritated by her questioning . In the past, he had mentioned that he was always freezing cold, could never get warm enough. Last week, he apparently had some pus come out. On these symptoms, I decided to give him Hepar sulphuris calcareum, which, when symptomatically indicated, is said to hasten suppuration, if given in the lower potencies such as the 2x or 3x; but if given in the higher potencies, is said to have the power to prevent the same.

But, I had two problems—one, the lowest potency I had on hand was a 30C, and I wanted a much lower potency. Two, I was working, and wouldn’t be able to get it to him until the evening, which would have been agony for him to wait that long. So, I quickly explained to my daughter how to make up the remedy. She was a little incredulous, apparently being unaware of her mother’s most recent dabbling in witchcraftery!

I had her write out the entire name and potency: Hepar sulphuris calcareum 3X, and tape it to a glass cup ¾ filled with water, covered with plastic wrap, and set in the dark for 45 minutes. She then poured the contents into a disposable plastic water bottle, topping it off with a bit more water, labeled it, and delivered it to him. He was to succuss it and take one sip, every 15 minutes, until he felt improvement.

Two hours later, he phoned to tell her that about half of his tooth had fallen out, being quite rotten and very nasty smelling. He spit out a lot of pus, too, but the pain was markedly less. My daughter told him, that was what the remedy was supposed to do. He wanted to have his friend pull out the rest of his tooth, but she told him to just wait for the medicine to work.

Two hours later, he phoned to say that the rest of his broken tooth had been expelled, and the pain was almost completely gone. My daughter still can hardly believe it, doesn’t know what to think! Kind of interesting, too, as for years, Hepar has been her constitutional remedy (It cured her of a serious autoimmune disease, ITP, six years ago.)
Some synchronicity here??

HEPAR is especially useful in wounds slow to heal; wounds from splinters; wounds where the pains throb and stab, with general rigor. Pains jag like sticks and often cause fainting. Hastens suppuration, like Silica; suppurates out foreign bodies and broken needles, and bullets, especially when embedded in parts too dangerous to operate. In all cases, over sensitiveness to touch and cold; ill tempered; sweats easily, etc.

This is the first time I’ve used this method for a low potency like that, but it seems like it worked quite quickly. I wasn’t really expecting it to happen that fast. I am getting more and more excited about this method. Avril"


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Re: Avril's reports

Post  scarface on Fri Apr 16, 2010 7:54 am

Originally posted by April 10 April 10 at 04:09

Here is a more recent case:
Mytilus Edulis Pearl 30C for an acute case of Glue Ear
Patient came for an acute, which she had been dealing with for 4 weeks, trying many things with no relief. The acute led to her inner most sensation, and led me to give her a remedy which appears to be deeply affecting her entire state, though it’s only been 3 weeks. It appears to be resolving long-standing issues from childhood, but further evaluation and time is needed. Regardless, her chief complaint is entirely better.

It’s a little used remedy, and to order it from Helios, it would take at least a week, if not more (The last two times I’ve ordered from Helios, it’s actually taken 5 and 6 weeks, respectively, as my orders were held in customs for some inexplicable reason!)
Hahnemann Labs did not have the 30C in stock. Besides, the patient was leaving town in two days, and really wanted relief now, and was becoming quite depressed, feeling very isolated.

So, I decided to make a Paper Remedy, writing Mytilus Edulis Pearl 30C on a piece of paper, and taping it, facing inward, on a water-filled 1 oz amber bottle. The bottle sat for 2 hours in a dark cupboard before the patient picked it up. I succussed it 10 times before giving to her. She was instructed to succuss the bottle 2 times, and add 2 drops to a ½ c water, stir and take 1 tsp, 3 times/day until she saw improvement.
Half an hour after the second dose of the second day, she felt and heard a loud popping, and felt the blockage clear, and sound could flow again. Even though her ears had completely improved, and despite my instructions, she continued taking the remedy for five days, 3 times/day, and did not call me as directed. When she returned to town, we spoke, and she stopped taking any further. But, from our phone conversation, it seems there is some significant stuff happening on a deep level, regarding her childhood experience. She has felt it has been transformational for her. [Especially remarkable, as she was a patient who came with very little knowledge or expectations regarding what homeopathy could do.]. She had simply tried everything else she knew of, and a friend referred her to me.

[I did not say anything to the patient about her remedy being in a different form than usual, as I wanted to see if it would act. As part of my service work, which I do a lot of, she was a patient I had not charged for treatment. However, I did go ahead and order the 30C, in case the PR didn't work. But, as I sit here waiting for it still, the patient is already better!]

From the proving, a few themes that pertain to this patient:
Ears and hearing:
SENSATION: Stopped. Blocked, Cracking, popping. Rushing. Stuck. No Flow
FUNCTION: Glue ear. Obstruction. Eustachian catarrh.

Deep isolation, of not fitting in, not connecting. Abandonment. Unresolved sadness relating to the heart. Deep, long-standing grief (grief from childhood).
For those who have sacrificed too much of themselves for the sake of others. For those who have lost their childhood. Can heal broken relationships, especially with parents.

So, I don’t really know how to explain this, either, but I have had it work a number of times for me so far. I am not yet fully confident in it, and the majority of the time, I am using physical remedies. But there are times where I’ve found it to be very useful, especially for some of the less common remedies, which can sometimes be difficult to get, or are very expensive, or take a long time to get here; or in emergency situations; for the very poor (I work with many of who cannot even afford $5), or those located in remote areas, with slow mail service..

Tomorrow I will post a few other cases in which I’ve used PR Rx’s.

I am simply reporting my experiments and observations.

Originally posted by April 10 April 10 at 05:02

Here’s another patient, one who’s dealing with the advanced stage of cancer. She has already far surpassed the doctor’s prognosis by months, and is doing remarkably well. But, that didn’t stop the doctors from describing to her the manner in which she would die, and they didn’t sugarcoat it! Up until that time, she was doing amazingly well. But, after this talk she went into a deeply grieving state, mixed with anger and particularly, disappointment, over the way things had happened. She was told to say her good byes to family and friends, but it was just about impossible, as her throat would get a big lump in it, would close up, trying to hold back all the tears and emotions. She’s living in a remote mountain cabin, to work on her healing, and any time I’ve sent remedies, even by Priority Mail, it has taken at least three weeks.
I felt she needed a dose of Ignatia to deal with the Ailments from Bad News, AF Grief,
AF Disappointment; AF Anger and Fear, etc. So, I went ahead and sent the Ign 10M, and it’s still not there, but I had her caretaker make up a bottle of Ignatia 10M for her. Here is part of her caretaker's recent email regarding this patient:

"Her mental state is good. She’s pleasant, she’s optimistic. I did give her one energetic dose of Ignatia 10M, and I do think it helped, right away. She’s able to have a conversation with her family and friends, now, without dissolving into tears. She hasn’t been talking about the disappointment since I gave it to her. She doesn’t have that lump in her throat anymore. Before it would get stuck there, and she could barely talk because of all the emotion. She wasn’t in a good place. We both think the Ignatia has helped a lot."

So, once again, the patient is better even before the "real" remedy arrives.


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A 'Slice of Life' experience

Post  April on Fri Apr 16, 2010 11:29 am

Okay, so my kids and I had quite an eventful evening yesterday, and we had need of the PR method once more. We had just dined at a restaurant, and were just getting into our van, when I suddenly saw two men staggering towards me, the one calling for help, the other moaning in pain. At first, I was a bit frightened, not sure if it might be some sort of deceptive trick to rob us. But then, in the lamplight, I could see the moaning man’s left eye was completely swollen shut, and was surrounded with a very puffy, dark purple, almost black circle—a classic black eye. The young man with him was practically carrying him, and the older one appeared to be on the verge of total collapse. He slumped down on the curb, crying “I can’t take anymore of the pain!” I asked them what happened, where was he hurt? “Three guys were trying to rob me. They punched me in the eye, hit me on the head with a big rock. The younger boy asked if we could take him to the hospital, as he couldn’t afford an ambulance (They both appeared to be homeless.) He was crying, “It just hurts so bad!”

I grabbed my emergency kit and gave him a dose of Arnica 10M. In trying to ascertain the extent of his injuries, he told me “I’ve been shot!” I asked him where, and he pulled his thick sweatshirt back and told me the bullet had ricocheted off his backpack strap and his clavicle. His clavicle was jutting grotesquely upwards at least 4 or 5 inches, although the skin was not broken. He said he didn’t think he was bleeding anywhere, although his face still had some blood on it. “My mouth’s numb, my fingers are numb, I can’t feel anything, I can’t see! Please just get me to the hospital, don’t call an ambulance!” After hearing he’d been shot, I slipped a few granules of Hypericum 200C into his mouth. He had two bottles of some sort of juice. In one I put Arnica, the other Hypericum, so we could alternate between the two on the way to the hospital and in the emergency room, if needed.

Right or wrong (wasn’t a lot of time for reflection), I made the decision to drive him to the hospital, as he didn’t appear to be bleeding or having any difficulty breathing. My older kids (21 and 18) said, “We can’t just leave him here, we have to help him!” I thought it was funny that my daughter confidently said, “Mom, tell him you’re a homeopath, you can help him!” (Funny, as, I run into very few people who have any clue as to what a homeopath is, and I seriously doubted that this guy did!)

My son and the other boy had to basically carry him to get him into the van. For reasons then unclear to me, he said he couldn’t walk, that they’d stolen his wheelchair. Even though I tried to drive slowly, every time we hit a speed bump or pothole, he cried out in pain. His moans and groans were punctuated by “I just don’t feel very well! It hurts so badly!” While my younger kids sat big-eyed and silent in the back, my older kids talked to him, reassuring him, and tried to figure out what happened, while I listened.
He reeked of stale tobacco and liquor, and kept repeating the same things, couldn’t remember from one minute to the next, what their names were. He claimed to be a United States Marine (He did have a heavy duty backpack stamped with U.S. on it, that appeared to be authentic.), 12 years of service, said he’d been shot 9 times and stabbed 3 times, had been in a coma for 16 months, couldn’t walk because of severe sciatica and an injured knee. Although I couldn’t be sure if this was just the ramblings of an old alcoholic, unfortunately, it’s a too common reality of so many returning service men who have been injured, both physically and psychically, and they end up living on the streets.

We arrived at the nearest hospital, which was where he wanted to go, anyway, and it took quite some time before we could even get a wheelchair, to get him inside. There was no one to offer any assistance. The emergency room was packed to capacity, with some people sitting on the floor. We waited for nearly 30 minutes just to register. While waiting to be called for triage, he asked to be wheeled outside for a smoke. After another half hour, we were told it would be at least 7 hours before he could be seen. He said he didn’t think he could wait that long. My son and I had just helped a very old woman who was walking on her knees to reach one of the scarce wheelchairs, so that she could get to the bathroom. She was very grateful to us, saying she’d been trying to get someone to help her for a long time. She said she had been waiting for 12 hours already! I didn’t feel right about just leaving this guy on his own, as he couldn’t walk or see, and he wasn’t able to carry his very heavy backpack. My experience with this particular hospital ER has never been good, so I told him we were going to a different ER that is more efficiently run.

By this time, it was 9:30 at night, so I told him I was going to drive my younger kids home first, so they could go to bed. This was the first that he even realized they were in the back seat, as they’d been so quiet and he couldn’t see! At that, he became very apologetic for some of the strong language he’d been using, and he turned to introduce himself. I’m recounting all this, because by now it had been about two hours since I’d first given him the Arnica, and later, Hypericum. We’d also given him periodic sips of both from his bottles. As I’d been doing periodically, I once again asked him how his pain was. “On a scale of 10, it’s a 15! I just need to get my Vicodin prescription filled.”
He continued to moan and groan and complain of nausea, and not feeling well. My daughter wondered aloud, why the remedies hadn’t seemed to help him any? (All of my kids have experienced the rapid response of homeopathic remedies in acutes, so this seemed unusual to her.) His eye appeared not to have changed one bit. If anything, there was even more swelling.

After dropping my older daughter and her siblings off, it occurred to me to try Ledum for his black eye. After all, in our Materia Medica, this is said about Ledum:
Black eye; better external cold. "Unequalled for black eye from a blow."
Black eye: ecchymosis of lids and conjunctiva, from injury to eye from a blunt weapon; boxing or blow on the eye, Better than Arnica.

The problem was, I was missing my Ledum from my emergency kit, having lent it out, just the day before, for a friend’s cat bite. I didn’t even have a water bottle with me, but I did have a clear, plastic cup of water and now-melted ice, that I’d gotten from the restaurant earlier. I had my son write out the name, Ledum palustre 200C, directly onto the cup. I figured the vibration of the van would serve to succuss it. It took about 20 minutes to reach the hospital. Before going in, I asked him to take a sip of the water. But, before I could stop him, he gulped the whole thing down in seconds!

This hospital got us into the triage room within minutes of arrival. They only had an extra-wide wheelchair available, and it couldn’t fit through the door of the privacy room. So, the nurse and my son had to help him / carry him, because he couldn’t walk. His eye, which had been completely swollen shut, now appeared to have the tiniest slit opening. He had not been able to see at all, and now he said he saw a little green over there (There were some green papers in a holder on the wall.). After being sent to the waiting room (which thankfully only had 5 other people in it), his eye became more and more open by the minute. He could see us for the first time. “Oh! You’ve got blonde hair, and you’ve got brown! Now I know what you look like!” My son said, “Look! His whole upper eyelid and above is normal color, now, and it’s not swollen! Underneath his eye, there was still some swelling and discoloration, but both were much, much reduced. “Hey! I can see again! It doesn’t hurt so much. Maybe that medicine you gave me did something…what was that?”
He then asked to be taken to the restroom. At the other hospital, my son had had to go in with him and assist him. This time, he surprised all of us, himself included, by being able to get up and walk in by himself! I’m not sure if the effects of the alcohol were just starting to wear off or not, but it seemed that within a very short period of time, he became more coherent, quit repeating himself, and didn’t seem so confused. He said “Why don’t you go home? I’m okay by myself, now.”

So, I gave him a little money for bus fare and some food, and we gladly went home to hot showers. It was quite an experience for all my kids, but especially my son.
I was most surprised to see that neither the Arnica or Hypericum seemed to do much of anything, when I felt they were well-indicated, and that the energetic form of Ledum appeared to work quite rapidly and systemically, after giving it—just as you would expect, from a “real” remedy.
How can this be, is still a mystery to me, but it’s getting harder and harder for me to chalk it up to coincidence.
It may even be that Ledum would be a good chronic remedy for this man.
"Constitutions broken down by alcohol; with craving for whisky" [Mathur].
It may very well be a good remedy for many homeless.

When I got home, I read more about Ledum, learning some aspects I didn’t really know Ledum for, in the process. These are some of the rubrics I looked at, with Ledum repertorizing as the top remedy, Arnica coming in at a close second.

EYES; INFLAMMATION; injuries, after
GENERALITIES; WOUNDS; gunshot, punctured
GENERALITIES; TOBACCO; desires [He kept needing to go outside for a smoke.]
GENERALITIES; FOOD and drinks; alcohol, alcoholic drinks; desires
EXTREMITY PAIN; GENERAL; lower limbs; nerves; sciatic
EXTREMITY PAIN; GENERAL; lower limbs; nerves; sciatic; left
GENERALITIES; JAR, stepping; agg.
MIND; MOANING, groaning; general
GENERALITIES; INJURIES, blows, falls and bruises; general; bones, fractures
MIND; ALCOHOLISM, dipsomania
GENERALITIES; ILL or sick feeling


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Re: Avril's reports

Post  astro on Fri Apr 16, 2010 11:34 am

why such a high potency of arnica. were you out of 200 or 1M


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Re: Avril's reports

Post  April on Fri Apr 16, 2010 7:52 pm

Hi Astro,

I was taught to match potency to severity. This is from Roger Morrison's First Aid course:
mild sprain = Arnica 12c
severe blunt trauma to chest from steering wheel with internal bleeding = Arnica 10m
As I have a son who has had four serious Traumatic Brain Injuries, perhaps I'm more sensitive to the issue of head trauma.

And, yes, I had only a choice of Arnica 30C and Arnica 10M in my purse.
This man was severely beaten, and hit in the head with a rock, so very probable had some
brain trauma. The swelling and bruising was quite severe as well, and I felt the 10M was better indicated. If it was the right remedy, though, I think there would have been some response to most any potency (That has been my experience in acutes.)

Remember too, in an emergency like this, one acts on instinct. You do what you feel is the best course in the moment--your thinking and action needs to be quick.

But, the larger point is, Arnica had no effect, Hypericum had no effect, but the Ledum worked within minutes, on many levels. It just happened that the Ledum was a PR. If there is no way that PR can work, then what is happening? How does one explain it? I really can't explain it either, but I do see that they seem to work for me. Of course, in this case, it was my son who wrote it, not me.



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Re: Avril's reports

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 17, 2010 1:59 am

Interesting report April ! It is amazing to see in what kind of situations one can get ! Good job!
After reading your report I reflected a while and I realized the main point in this case, regarding the right remedy. In injures, in my opinion, one should always put the highest priority to the kind of the tissue affected and not only to modalities or the kind of injure. Because from the 3 remedies above only Ledum is the "proper" remedy for injures in soft parts/tissues like the eye. So it is important in such cases to first look what it was damaged : muscles, tendons, bones, skin, organs, breast, eyes, fat tissues, nerves, brain. Then we can exclude from the start other remedies which usually do not help much in such tissues.

Gosh !!!! I made the same mistake for myself some weeks ago after having the gum operated. There was a blue spot from blood inside the tissue in my cheeck moving down slowly towards the neck. It dissaperead only after 7 day although I took some Arnica. I was thinking of other remedies and I guess I even tried Ledum once, but since I did not care too much about it and it did not bother me I did not do much about it. Ledum would have been the right remedy in my case too !
In my case it was a cut, in your case was a punch. This doesn't matter. Ledum has both causalities. I was wondering many times how come that Ledum is good for insect bites and cuts in the same time! This is kind of contradiction ! Now I understand why: any kind of injury in a soft part of the body which cause a bruise like the one which happen in the eye, black or blue, the cheek, the neck if it is only superficially or even some other parts of the body with a lot of small veins and less flesh (e.g. upper part of the foot or some other part of the foot which are usually bitten by insects ans spiders and get black ) would require Ledum and never Arnica.
I knew this in theory before but it was only a drawer in my head. Not it got vivid.

So the kind of injure it is not the point here. The main point is the kind of tissue.
The cheek and the eye are similar tissues, no muscles, no big flesh, a lot of nerves and small veins and capillars. I got a blue spot under the skin and Arnica did not help. I know that Ledum heal this kind of things and some other remedies too, like Sulf-ac, Arnica... but did not spend many thoughts so far about the kind of tissue affected (although I knew this theoretically).
We homeopaths don't have in all cases a vivid and real picture of the remedies and of what is actually happening but most of the times only a list of symptoms in the head that we compare like a computer. But without proper thinking and differentiation we cannot get the right remedy properly in many cases for the first try.
We usually start to think only when we see that the 1st or 2nd remedy did not work. Smile

So the key for my case and your case it is the same: the kind of tissue.

Thanks for posting this report because it made me think and realize some things I did not so far and I understand now Ledum and the important need to differentiate in such injuries what kind of tissue has been affected.


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Re: Avril's reports

Post  April on Sun Apr 18, 2010 4:29 pm

Hi Scarface,

Your explanation on this makes quite a bit of sense to me, and I think really will help me in future cases. It's always better to get it right the first time! But, as in this case, i really did not know the full extent of his injuries in the initial contact--had the blow to the head with the rock caused any cranial bleeding? Was his confusion and repeating things because he was drunk, or because he'd suffered a head injury? What was he like before, I don't know...difficult to ascertain in the homeless, who are usually suffering multiple problems, both physical, mental and substance abuse. He'd been punched in the ribs and abdomen--was there any internal bleeding? The clavicle was definitely broken. What was the reason for his inability to walk? If i had to do it over again, I would likely still give Arnica as a first choice, for all the trauma he had suffered. But, clearly the Ledum acted rapidly, and was the needed remedy at the time. Also a good thing that I knew how to make the PR version, as otherwise he wouldn't have had this opportunity for healing.



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Re: Avril's reports

Post  scarface on Fri May 21, 2010 12:23 pm

Hi Avril ! No new PR cases from you ?
I put some of my last cases of PRs here


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Re: Avril's reports

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