Human combustion

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Human combustion

Post  scarface on Tue May 04, 2010 4:14 am

Some interesting phenomen which physics cannot explain yet, but it is obviout that the fire is not a normal fire.

Exploding animals
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"Natural explosions which occur while an animal is living are defense-related. A significant population of toads in Germany and Denmark exploded in April 2005, with one theory stating that their normal self-defense act of self-inflating to look bigger when attacked by crows failed.[3]


According to worldwide media reports[where?] in April 2005, toads in the Altona district of Hamburg were observed by nature protection officials to swell up with gases and explode, propelling their innards for distances of up to one metre. These incidents prompted local residents to refer to the area's lake—home to the toads—as "Tümpel des Todes" (Pool of Death). The incidents were reported as occurring with greatest frequency between 2 and 3 a.m. Werner Smolnik, environmental movement worker, stated on April 26, 2005, at least 1,000 toads had died in this manner over a series of a few days.[10]

According to a witness, "toads swell up to three-and-a-half times their normal size before blowing up", and were noted to live a short time after exploding.


Berlin veterinarian Franz Mutschmann collected corpses and performed necropsies. He theorised that the phenomenon was linked to a recent influx of predatory crows to the area. He stated that the cause was a mixture of crow attacks and the natural puff up defense of the toads. Crows attacked the toads to pick through the skin between the amphibian's chest and abdominal cavity, picking out the liver, which appears to be a delicacy for crows in the area. In a defensive move, the toads begin to blow themselves up, which in turn, due to the hole in the toad's body and the missing liver, led to a rupture of blood vessels and lungs, and to the spreading of intestines. The apparent epidemic nature of the phenomenon was also explained by Mutschmann: "Crows are intelligent animals. They learn very quickly how to eat the toads' livers."[10]

Other theories included a viral or fungal infection, possibly one also affecting foreign horses involved in racing at a nearby track. However, laboratory tests were unable to detect an infectious agent.[10]


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Re: Human combustion

Post  AstroTheDog on Wed May 05, 2010 11:09 am

when i was a child i remember my arm used to feel like it was on fire once in a while. probably just some weird nerve response

human combustion has always interested me though..... can not rule it out


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