Famous Researcher Conducting Interesting Experiments

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Famous Researcher Conducting Interesting Experiments

Post  AsstroDg on Sun May 02, 2010 5:10 pm

I’ve just got off the phone with Rustum Roy, who has an exciting meeting planned with a Belgium company tomorrow. This company is worked with the Finnish materials physicist, Kiva Rainen, who has developed equipment with the unique ability to capture all parameters of water.

As you may remember, we are interested in examining whether intention changes the molecular structure of water. With our April 26 study with Penn State University, we tried to ascertain whether there were any changes in the structural organization of our water sample by looking for any changes in the scattering of light waves through our water sample.


“This equipment represents a revolution in characterizing water,” says Roy.

The power of weak bonds

Professor Roy, who as combed the literature of the properties of pure water, has found that the way in which molecules cluster together can vary enormously. For instance, water can contain molecular clusters of up to several hundred H2O units apiece.

However, as he has written, these consist not only of hydrogen bonds but a wide range of very weak bonds (known as van der Waals bonds’ for all you science boffins).


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