How to produce and test PRs

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How to produce and test PRs

Post  Admin on Fri Apr 16, 2010 7:07 am

When I started the first thread about paper written remedies (PR = Paper remedies) in the other homeopathy forum in september 2009 ( )
I knew only some basic things about this new kind of homeopathic remedies.

Now, after 8 months from the fisrt posting about PRs in the other forum, the forum administration has forbidden any discussion around this subject so I was forced to make my own forum here.

The original thread was one of the most visited and of course one of the biggest controversy in the forum's history - no wonder.

As with any new method, we need open-minded and prejudice-free people to test it and report their experiences. So we encourage anybody to try this method himself, but to try it after my indications, at least for the beginning, in order to avoid some mistakes that some very skeptical people already made it.

The one who will use this method must understand that using PR is not only scrambling some names on a paper but requires a certain type of mentality in order to be able to make working remedies, in the same way as me or other homeopaths have replicated with succes.

To give you the best example about the requirement in the mentality: imagine a very skeptical, stubborn and self-confident allopathic doctor to whom you explain how homeopathy works and convince him to give a try some homeopathic remedies.

He will probably try first on himself. If he has some patient maybe it will try on him. If he is very pedant he might even start a big double blind test on a lot of patients or some big experiment. But the probability not to see clear results who will satisfy him it is pretty high for such a person.

This is not only because of the skepticism, which offers a huge field in the interpretation of the results but also because he is not familiar yet with some particular things regarding the effect, aggravations, and other things we know about homeopathy. Although the doctor is a intelligent person it will be not easy to be convinced, even if he tries them. We all know that out of experience.

Regarding the PR method for a very skeptical homeopath we will have a similar behavior, but from another point of view. Anyone who uses this method has to understand a very fine, but very important difference to the real remedies. This difference is not not in the effect, which is the same, but in what is being done before using the remedies.

With a normal remedy the maker of the remedy is the laboratory. The lab respects some rules of manufacturing.

With a PR remedy the maker will be now the doctor or the patient himself, while the administration of the remedy is the same. But if a doctor is using PRs for patients he and not the patient is the "spiritual maker", even if the patient is the one who prepares the remedy.

I have noticed that skeptical people don't want to accept or are not willing to understand
this very important difference. They should understand that they are now the ones who prepare the remedy instead of the laboratory. And when somebody is only scrambling the name on the paper with a strong disbelief, this will affect the preparation of the remedy.

So whoever wants to use PRs should understand that in their preparation the mentality of the practioner/user is playing an important role because they are some invisible things going on at their preparation and the programming of the remedy in the water is not done by the paper or the name written but is the result of some intelligent invisible entities which see and feel your thoughts and intentions.

With a positive mentality regarding this remedies you will get working PRs anytime you want and it doesn't matter whether the patient who gets them believes in their effect or not.

So your mentality decides if you get working PRs or not. Most people will be able to make working PRs.

PRs have nothing to do with faith as some people stated. They work no matter whether the patient who gets the remedy believes in them or not, or believe in homeopathy or not. The effect in the patient is no different then with real remedies as long as the doctor knows how to prepare them properly.

So the first goal in making PRs is to be open minded towards this method and get friends with the "invisible laboratory".

This is similar with the people who have a good relationship to the plants in the garden or in their house. Anybody knows the effect of somebody who love their plants. Same with these remedies. So get friends with them first and with the invisible laboratory.
Once this is done their team will serve your needs with any potency and any remedy at any time. With no money, no cost, no shipping, no waiting time, no pharmacy and anywhere in the world.
PRs are a big help for urgencies or cases where you cannot get a homeopathic remedy in time.

How to prepare the paper written remedies:

The preparation of the remedy is very simple.

1. Take a piece of unwritten paper and write the full name and the potency " Nux vomica C200" , "Nux vomica LM3", "Nux vomica 1M." Any potency will work, from D1, LM1, C1 and LM1 up to MM and LM320.

2. Take a drinking glass or a bottle of (plastic or glass doesn't matter) and put some water in it. You don't need usually much water, since you will use only some sips. 100 ml would be enough, but the quantity does not matter so put as you wish.

3. Now place the glass on the paper, the paper on the glass or stick the paper on the glass wall, as you wish. It seems to make no difference where the paper is placed. Let the water be "programmed" with the vibrations of the remedy for 2-15 minutes, depending how much time you have. If it urgent do it shortly (1-2 minutes) if not do it longer (10-15 minutes).
I found out that succussing the water as with real granules is not the necessary because the remedy is fresh made, but you can do it if you like. You can succus if you want, but there no need for that (succussion only increase a little bit the potency). I found out in the meantime that the programming occurs instantly, so in very urgent cases you can do it in some seconds.

6. A sip from this water is equivalent to a medicine dose, as with real remedies dissolved in water (wet dose). In certain cases a single dose is sufficient, in other cases you will need to repeat the dose, this is as with real homeopathic remedies made from pellets.

Sometimes there is a strange taste in the water, depending on the remedy or on the potency. Not everyone notice this taste and it is not every time there. Many people noticed this taste without me telling them about. There is no rule that the taste has to be present. Somebody told me that
the taste is present when the remedy is matching that person's disease and the person is sensitive.
So you feel a weird taste the remedy will help you.

If don't have a pen an paper, use the spoken word to program the water. It has the same effect.
It is not the paper doing something, but the content of the paper: the word !
If the word is written, spoken or thought, it is the same effect.

PR are used together with names of real remedies used in homeopathy or with Bach flower.
Using names like "love", "healing" or whatever one might want to write on the paper has nothing to do with homeopathy or with this method and nobody knows what effect this will have. It definetly works too but I have no experience with that.

When making a Bach flower remedy with the PR method you don't need any potency but write "Bach flower remedy" before writing the flower name (e.g. "Bach flower Impatiens") because the Bach remedies are already in potency from the exposure to the sun ( they are like a C30-C60 potency)

When testing for the 1st time PRs you should:

- take a positive attitude towards this method and avoid to be too sceptical.
It is pretty impossible that 3 homeopaths here - and some more around the world using this method or similar methods - want to cheat you or that they are too blind or too stupid not to know what the effect of a homeopathic remedy is. Remember that any new method is hard to believe at the beginning and remember that Hahnemann himself was laughed at by his pupils after presenting the olfaction method ! Some things must be tried out.
So don't let you be influenced by theories and skeptics, try it out !
There are people who will never try it just because they are convinced of their prejudices.

- use the PR method in real acute cases first and not in a chronic cases where many factors can influence the effect. Test chronic cases only later after you got confidence in the PRs in acute cases. Acute cases are the best to see a rapid and obvious effect.

- at the beginning use this method not only to prove whether it works or not but wait for a real opportunity and a clear case. Maybe a case where you indeed don't have the real remedy at hand.
- avoid testing on yourself, it is difficult even for good homeopaths to find their own remedy
and if you are still pretty skeptic you might miss some things.
- if the PR seem to have no effect, give the real remedy afterwards to see if you used the right remedy.
- test more then 7-10 simple acute cases where you are sure of the remedy before making any conclusions about this method. At the beginning anyone can make mistakes.

- respect the preparation indications

- avoid believing the negative results of very skeptical people from this forum or of patients with not much clue of homeopathy who tries this method. Test for yourself ! You don't have to believe nobody as long as you know how to make them and used them, you have 1 hand and a brain. Otherwise you might stay a believer instead of a person who knows.

- remember that any new method will have enemies and skeptics. This is still the case with homeopathy. Don't wonder if people don't believe in this. It is normal on earth .


Some people say that using this kind of remedies is not homeopathy because this kind of preparation it is not described in Organon. This is only a a matter of interpretation, since we use still materia medica and the rule of similarity. Except for the different preparation method anything else is identical with what a homeopath usually do. Some other say it is no homeopathy because the remedies are not proven on healthy (even if we get the same effects in the sick.)
But in the materia medica the symptoms listed were gathered not only from provings in the healthy but also from healings in the sick, from intoxications or clinical observations.

The reality shows that there is no difference in the effect of PRs comparing it to the one with the real remedies, so in practice we achieve the same results as with the real remedies.
If this is homeopathy in the theory it not not really important, and even in theory it is impossible to prove that this would be not homeopathy.

The patient has no clue of theory. He wants to be healed. So does this really matter as long as we achieve the same result as with real remedies ? I don't think so. Call it what you want: the goal of any healing method is healing the sick.

The proving on healthy persons were needed in order to find the symptoms that can be cured by the remedy in the sick. The goal of using homeopathic remedies is still healing the sick and not making provings or fulfilling some interpretation of some theories

A healer should be practical and interesting in curing the sick and not mutate to a theory digger and he should be happy to be able to give the sick a working remedy when there is no other possibility in getting a real remedy. I use real remedies whenever I can, but there are many cases where I don't have the remedy available or there is no possibility to get any in real time.

I don't mind how my remedies are being made or by whom as long as they have the effect expected and desired. If you mind about that, then don't use this kind of remedies !

If you prefer to see your patient wait or suffer when you don't have any real remedy at hand don't use PRs ! This might be not homeopathy in the eyes of others and somebody might blame you for using PR-homeopathy !

I used PRs in acute and chronic cases. I got small aggravations, some strong aggravations, I got healings. There where some cases where nothing happened because of wrong prescription. Another remedy given after worked. I see no difference from real remedies.

My confidence in this method grew day by day over the time so now
I can say : so far, PRs worked every time for me when the remedy was chosen correct.
My confidence in them is now 100%. I was not sure if they work all the time at the beginning and I thought only higher potencies (> 15 ) would work. I was wrong.

I said here in compact form anything needed for anyone to make and use PRs with success. The rest is up to you. No one can make you believe , try it as I said.
If I managed to do working PRs, Sajjad managed, April managed and even Brussel (with another kind of remedy then homeopathic) there is no reason why this method would not work for you as long you keep in mind what I stated above.
Good luck !

And don't forget this:
"All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed; then it is violently opposed; finally it is accepted as self-evident." – Arthur Schopenhauer

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Re: How to produce and test PRs

Post  Admin on Fri Apr 16, 2010 7:09 am

Dr. sajjadakram from the other forum ( ) had a wonderful idea of making professional looking PR remedies: write the name of the remedy on an ampule with distilled water (which one can buy in any pharmacy.) This method works for Sajjad. You can give this kind of remedy to the pacient to put home in some water and succuss.

Using only alcool instead of water it is also working. Using a mix of alcool and water when preparing the PRs works probably too, I did not try this yet.

One of Avril's PRs had an effect even 3 days after the preparation. But one should store the remedy in a dark place. When people need to take PRs daily or more times a day I tell them to put some of the water prepared with the glass method along with some alcool in a small bottle and use it for more days (after succussing every time) so they don't have to prepare every day the remedy. This works.


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Re: How to produce and test PRs

Post  scarface on Fri Apr 16, 2010 7:50 am

Regarding the weird taste in the water when preparing the remedies

Most of the times people preparing PRs will notice a weird taste of the water when taking the sip. But this is not always the case. The taste can be salty, metallic, strange, putrid, bitter, etc.
Some sensitive people reported of a "heavy glass", of "heavy water" or other strange things they felt.

A girl told me some days ago something interesting: sometimes the same remedy in the same potency has a weird taste, sometimes not. Cimicifuga LM8 had no taste one day while the next day it tasted salty. She noticed that with more remedies already. So it seems that the weird taste in the water is not always present, even when making the same remedy and potency !
This is something new to this point.


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Re: How to produce and test PRs

Post  scarface on Tue Apr 20, 2010 3:56 am

I have two strange reports about the water used in PRs:
- in the first case someone noticed "ants feeling on the tongue" after drinking.
- in the second case, a 13 year old boy said "my tongue is burning from the water". In this case it was a C5 potency. But when asking the mother if it was a burning or an "ants feeling" he said "ants feeling".


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PR remedies

Post  Kaviraj on Fri May 07, 2010 3:45 am

Shakespeare said: "There are more things between heaven and earth, not conceived of in your philosophy."

The first thing you must consider is intent, or better said, conviction. Intentions alone may not doit, because as the saying goes, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions".

I have no problem whatsoever with making remedies this way, but I can tell you also that in a situation as I encountered in Haiti, you have no time to wait 30 minutes and you shall have to prepare the remedies you do not have but which may be indicated, beforehand.

The power of the mind is but little understood and personally, I do not believe there are other entities involved in this - it is your own mind and its conviction that will make it work or not. The skeptical mind is characterised by narrowness. Narrowness is the aspect of the local and opennes that of the universal. I go on widely.

It has also been proven that if the patient is convinced he will overcome his disease, then he will. There are countless cases of cancer that did not respond to chemo and have been cured by the positive attitude of the patient.

Denial is more than a river in Egypt and the cataracts of narrowmindedness, limitation and skepticism are prominent features in this river. We shall go whitewater rafting on them to the point of victory over denial.


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Re: How to produce and test PRs

Post  scarface on Fri May 07, 2010 5:16 am

Dear Kaviraj,
welcome here !

you can make a PR also in 10 minutes in urgencies in the standard way.

But I found out lately that one can make them in an instant. In the moment you wrote
the name on the paper the vibrations of the remedy is there...I did not tell anyone to do it that way still, that is why I only can tell 10 minutes works too.
The time doesn't seem to be the decisive factor.
There is this doctor in Pakistan who makes remedy by speaking the name and potency and placing a not impregnated pellet of sugar in the water. He doesn't write anything and he doesn't wait at all. But it might make a difference who does it: a patient with disbelief or a doctor with a strong confidence.


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Re: How to produce and test PRs

Post  scarface on Fri May 07, 2010 5:18 am

Here is what a wrote in another thread. It seems that time doesn't play any role in making PRs, but
it has to be tested first to be sure. So you can make them in an instant if you need them and do not have to wait fro the water to be programmed.

I am gonna tell you something curious that happened to me about 10 days ago.
I had to work late at the computer , but my eyes were tired - I mean really tired, as from driving 20 hours - because I worked already more the 12 hours that day at the computer and the days before too.
I realized that I would need a remedy and remembered that Senega polygala is a wonderfull remedy for tired eyes due to overworking and decied to try it. I did not repertorize and I like to try remedies on my own for such small issues.

I did not have the remedy where I was so I HAD TO to make a PR. I wrote the name and added C15, on the paper but 2-3 seconds after I have done that my eyes got better all of a sudden.
I wondered but since I was busy making the remedy I did not realized right away what happned. First I thought it is just an ilussion, but the effect was simply to obvious to ignore it.

I put the water glass on the paper in a cubpoard and waited 20 minutes but in the meantime my eyes were much much better. The whole tiredness disaperead around 90%.
I still took some sips from the remedy but did not notice any further amelioration.
My eyes were better from that first moment and I could work very well around 2-3 more hours before I went to bed.

Here is my momentan explanation of what might have happened: my intention of making the remedy called the elements (spirit particles) from Senega in my vicinity which interacted automatically through my aura with me. Eveyrting is interconnected through the aura. Normally the elements called stay around the water and will programm the water, but once you call them, they will be around you too. I was not aware of this before.

The aura of "Senega" and my aura got in contact with each so to say which had to me a similar effect as taking the Senega vibration from the PR.

So I guess when you have no water at hand, just by writing the name of the remedy or by thinking of the remedy you will have a similar effect because the elements called by the name will
come in your vicinity and their vibration will get into your soul through the aura.

Probably the absortion of the remedy through the aura is a bit different then from the mouth regarding time and and maybe there are some other factors too. It depends also on how "clean" the aura is. There are people who cary remedies with them and this work. If the remedy is your pocket or in the etheric space in your vicinity, it doesn't make any difference.

Give a try to this method when you have the opportunity, I have a good feeling about that. I would have never thought of something like this if that would not have happened to me. But after reflecting the last days about what happened I realized that is also a natural process and no hocus pocus.

I remembered also that some people said they felt better the minute they started to make the PR, but I made no connection that this might come only by writing down the remedy name.


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Re: How to produce and test PRs

Post  AstroTheDog on Sat Jul 10, 2010 7:00 pm

hello, where is everyone?


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Post  selmanaka on Mon May 21, 2012 1:07 pm

Scarface, I think it was you who I spoke before?

Are you the one living in GErmany? If yes, I'm back to Switzerland and would love to meet you and talk about paper remedies.

My experience is that LOWER dilutions work less well in paper remedies, but higher dilutions work much better. Like a D2, D3, well, it is better to do by hand and succuss.

I decided to leave the name on the bottle of some important remedies (like my penicilins), and I feel they work better when the name is permanently there (my impression).

I would say that I still prefer the 'real' homeopathic remedies, possibly because I am so used to them and I know what to expect, etc.

I have been using LOADS of radionic remedies(done at home by my non-electric powered machine) and they do work as well as homeopathics, but they lose potency with the time. For example, I lost all my radionic remedies once they passed through Xray but I didn't lose any of my homeopathic medicine... I wonder about PR, if they also get lost with time and with Xrays...

As for the mind, it also does amazing things. We can also think strong a name and potency of a remedy and 'use' to the person in need. I think it also works, but it is more work for the person who is sending the remedy (as I do get tired when I do that sort of thing). But concentrating on the name or essence of the remedy we know can affect the other person, in my feeling.

Anyway, I love PR, and I do use them on and off, when I lack the original homeopathic version. But I also like my radionic machine and use it more often when I have the original tincture.

I thank you for sharing that with us all!

Best regards Very Happy


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Re: How to produce and test PRs

Post  scarface on Mon May 21, 2012 1:49 pm

Hi, yes, this is me.

After 3 years working with them I can say these:

PRs are a bit better then machine made radionic remedies. Because man is better than any machine with this stuff.

Of course low potencies cannot be identical with real remedies because there are also some material stuff in them. But starting with C5-C6 I guess things changes.

Of course the PR cannot last forever, it should be always made fresh. It only take the time to pour some water into a glass/bottle. The programming time plays no matter, I noticed.
The remedy is there once you write the name. Many times I noticed that.,,

Higher potencies are as PR cleaner and purer than real remedies, because they have the pure spirit with no dirt and other substances like plants, minerals, which are never pure .

You can "call" any remedy into your aura by spoken or thought words, so one does not really need water and paper. It works this way too, I tested and some other people tested too.

And yes, you can send by power of thought remedies to other people too..but only to ones they want to be helped by you.

Write me a private message with your email address..but I still have you skype id...


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Re: How to produce and test PRs

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