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Some new remedies

Post  scarface on Mon Apr 19, 2010 1:19 pm

Some new remedies to test and use

I quoted here something Selma wrote in another thread because she put it better than I would do it : "People that know about plant medicine know the mechanism of communication between humans and plants, right? Every single shaman, no matter in what part of the world, will tell you that he learns about plants and their healing properties NOT by trial and error, but by direct communication with plants or through a dream. Not a single guy will say he learns that by trial and error! That makes me think.

I used to read ethnological books about the guarani, a tribe in South America, when I was young. I remember they said they believe most names from plants and animals they use were communicated to them like that. By direct interaction with those animals and plants! That's why they believe the names have the spirit of the plant and the spirit of the animal and that some names cannot be pronounced"

This is very true and this was one of the main ways to find out which plants are useful against sicknesses on every continent, in every jungle and every island. The error and try method is something completely impossible. Beside this method though, there is another important way which was used to transfer the knowledge from the divine, spiritual level to the people and this method consisted in divine revelations, where some very special people with a strong connection to God received this kind of informations through the inner voice. (but this is not something like Edgar Cayce did, it is a different, it is a much higher level and not something a normal medium would ever get it. This was given and not requested and is not possible for a medium like Cayce to ever get this kind of revelations.
I mention this because most people don't distinguish the difference of quality and the source of the informations.)

One of these people was a german none who lived about 1000 years ago called Hildegard von Bingen. Many heard about her but few read the books to understand the incredible fullness and quality of original information presented in her revelations.

She received amazing informations about the way the human body works, about the qualities and properties of food and water, about the way of use and preparations for over 2000 different remedies. She gave a the detailed description of most plants and animals regarding healing or to use as an aliment. A small part of this knowledge is still found now in the whole Europe as a "folks knowledge", any few know about the source of this informations.

Hildegard was the one who delivered many things we know and use today, e.g. the use of the different constitution terms and definitions (flegmatic, choleric, etc.) comes I guess from this revelations and even the use of hop in the beer.

Two links in english about Hildegard.

Her original manuscripts where sent to Vatican after her death in order to be published for the whole mankind but as with all good things from God, the church decided to keep them secret, so even today they don't exist officially in Vatican. But there where some copies made from the manuscripts and these copies have been found by a german doctor Gottfried Hertzka (1913 - 1997 ) after the WW2 in Copenhagen in a library. He was the one who translated these copies into german 800 years after Hildegards death.

(Gottfried means "peace of god" and "Hertzka" sounds like heart in german and this doctor survived even a concentration camp)

Dr. Hertzka stared to used the Hildegard medicine as a emergency doctor and opened shortly afterwards his own office in the very south of Germany and started to heal people only with the remedied and knowledge from Hildgards books. Some time later Dr. Strewhlow joined him and he is the one who took over his office who is running till now.
(Dr. Strehlow is even a homeopath but he doesn't use homeopathy anymore)
There are now many doctors around the world who use Hildegard medicine but not enough to be something very known.

I met a practioner from Taiwan 1-2 years ago who made a comparison between the knowledge of the traditional chinese medicine and the Hildegard medicine and he was suprised to find out that Hildegard's knowledge is much bigger, more detailed and more exact than the TCM.

Since there are not many people knowing this medicine and probably even less homeopaths Hildgard's knowledge is not used in homeopathy. I did not meet any homeopath so far who uses her amazing remedies and knowledge in homeopathy.

Since I know the remedies pretty well and I used to use them before getting to homeopathy I think that we could combine some things from Hildegard's revelations with homeopathy.

So I am gonna add here some new remedies from Hildegard treasure.

Most of Hildegard's remedies are using the roots or the whole plant. Sometimes the plants are put in cold wine or water, sometimes they are cooked in wine or in water or in water with honey. Some of them are used alone, but most in in mixtures. Some are used as ash, some dry plants, some only fresh plants. It is very different.

The good thing about this remedies is that we have the knowledge of the exact affection in which to use the remedy and if this happen to be true also with the homeopathic dilutions we don't need to bother much with provings and thousands of symptoms that nobody can really remember at the end. So we can use these remedies as small remedies with a very specific field of application.

Abrotanum is mentioned in Hildegard to be used external with fat from the pork and olive oil for rheumatic pain. A similar use is known in homeopathy, as we know already.

Marubinum vulgare
. - "who has deaf ears should cook it in water, then take it out of water and put it warm around the ears and around his whole head and let his warm steam get into the ears and he will get a better hearing"

- cooked in water first and then in wine with a little fat heals a sick throat (very famous remedy used a lot by Dr. Hertzka and Dr. Strehlow"

Inula Helenium -"when someone has pain in the lungs after and before the meals and the pus is coming out of his lungs and it clears the eyes and stops the migraine."

Mentha silvestra - "is to be smashed and placed on the spots where scabies are bothering the people and they will die"

Gardana Lappa - "not good for anything in healing but when stones grow in the body"

[b]Scandix cerefolium [
/b]- "heals the broken bowels (hernia ?) (the juice of the plant is put in wine to be trunk for people with broken bowels)

Can also be used for people "who have pain in the spleen after eating raw food"
Eunonymus europaeus - " take the fruit and cook it in good wine and drink this often and your pain in the spleen or when worms are gnowing your belly or when your belly is stinging with pain and you will be healed"

Turtle, the animal - Emys orbicularis - "for somebody who drank or ate poison, make poweder out of the whole turtle and add some 5 times more wheat and add some water and make cookies. And dry them in the sun or in an oven and then make again powder out of them and take a spoon out of this powder and the poison will leave you upwards or downwards.

Lamium album - " the one who eats it laugh with pleasure, because his warmth touch thespleen and makes your heart happy"

Dictamus albus - "if a stone grow in the body than make powder out of dictamus and eat it often with bread and this stops the stone growing. And then mix dictamus with vinegar and honey and drink this on empty stomach and this will split the stone." (famous remedy against stones from Dr. Hertzka)

Panacetum parthenium, or . Chrysanthemum parthenium - taken during the period by a woman .- cooked with wheat and oil as a soup - cleans the woman from the inner dirt and brings the blood out. Also good for pain in the guts.

Calendula - "when cows or sheep eat something bad and get swollen all of a sudden with a lot of gas, take the juice of calendula, add some water and give to them to taste and they will be healed.-But when a sheep or a cow coughs then put some juice of calendula without water in their nostrils and they will eliminate the bad liquids and will get well"

Verbascum thapsus - "who has a weak and sad heart should eat it with meat or fish or woth wheat without other herbs and eat it oftne like this and it will make his heart strong and it make him happy. And who has a horse throat should cook verbascum with fennel in wine and drink this often and his voice will be better and his breast will heal" (a famous Hildegard remedy, maybe by mixing fennel c3 with verbascum c3 we get a similar effect)

Centaurea cyanus - "drink centaura often put in wine and the gout will go away"

Metha pulegium - "has the healing power of 15 different herbs in it..."
"make the stomach warm eaten raw with salt and meat, if one has a cold stomach and clean the stomach from pus and heals it"

Some more remedies from Hildegard medicine to think about, to try or do provings with them

Bones of the fish Acipenser guldenstaedti - for fractures

"make powder from the bones of this fish and put it in a soft water, not the water from a mountain surce, and drink it when your stomach is empty. .. This fish reaches the bones when is beeing drunk in soft water."

Ash from the bark and leaved of the plum tree - Prunus domestica - against falling of hair and bad hair. For women only !

"Make ash from the bark and leaves of this tree and mix it with water. When the hair is falling or is getting weak, wash it often with this liquid and the hari will get beautiful again and will grow new." This is a famous and effective recepy from Hildegard but it works, as she said only for women. For man there is another recepy.

Cicer arietinum - chickpea - againt fever

„the one who have fever should roast chickpeas on hot red coal pieces and eat them and he will be healed"

Rubus idaeus - raspberry - against fever

« the one who has fever schould cook raspberry leaves in water, leave them in the water and drink this water in the morning and in the evening. And they should put the leaves on the belly too. They should do this 3 days in a row and the fever will vanish"

Bones of the fish Oncorhynchus - trout, it's kind of salmon, but not the atlantic one - for paradontosis, bleeding of the gums

"when your gums are rotting (are sick) and your teeth is falling and break, make powder out of the bones of this fish, add some rosted salt and rub this powder on the teeth in the evening and this will make you saliva flow and it will clean the flesh around your teeth"

This is a good remedy to use because even with homepathy is not easy to achieve a good effect in paradontosis .

The remedies above were taken from the book "Physica" by Hildegard von Bingen.
Considering that we can make any remedy with the help pf PRs, we can try them or make provings any time.

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Post  scarface on Mon Apr 19, 2010 1:20 pm

Let me show you a comparison for Plantago.

I will compare Plantago major from Hildegard indications which are kept simple (which is a useful thing!) and Kent's proving of Plantago.

For plantago Hildegard says that it is usefull : "for the ones who has stitching pains", "for the ones who has the gout" , "for the one was bitten by an an insect" , "for the ones who broke a bone"

Plantago - Kent - pains

Abdomen, pain, aching, dull pain (See Boring, Drawing, Distress, Digging, Gnawing, Pressing, etc.) (p. 554)
Abdomen, pain, daytime (p. 555)
Abdomen, pain, evening (p. 556)
Abdomen, pain, evening, stooping, on (p. 556)
Abdomen, pain, night (p. 556)
Abdomen, pain, diarrhœa, as if, would come on (p. 557)
Abdomen, pain, eating, while (p. 558)
Abdomen, pain, eating, after, amel. (p. 558)
Abdomen, pain, stool, before (p. 560)
Abdomen, pain, hypochondria (p. 562)
Abdomen, pain, hypochondria, right (p. 563)
Abdomen, pain, hypochondria, noon (p. 563)
Abdomen, pain, hypochondria, evening (p. 563)
Abdomen, pain, hypochondria, motion, from (p. 564)
Abdomen, pain, iliac region (p. 565)
Abdomen, pain, ilium, crest of (p. 566)
Abdomen, pain, cramping, griping (p. 573)
Abdomen, pain, cramping, griping, morning (p. 574)
Abdomen, pain, cramping, griping, evening (p. 574)
Abdomen, pain, cramping, griping, stool, during (p. 576)
Abdomen, pain, cramping, griping, inguinal region, menses, after (p. 577)
Abdomen, pain, cutting, umbilicus, region of (p. 582)
Abdomen, pain, sore, umbilicus (p. 591)
Abdomen, pain, stitching, hypochondria (p. 592)
Abdomen, pain, stitching, ilium, crest of (p. 594)

Stomach, pain (p. 511)
Stomach, pain, evening (p. 511)
Stomach, pain, sore, bruised, beaten (tenderness) (p. 522)

Eye, pain (p. 248)
Eye, pain, evening, walking and driving (p. 249)
Eye, pain, pressure agg. (p. 250)
Eye, pain, walking, in open air (agg.) (p. 251)
Eye, pain, aching (p. 251)
Eye, pain, sore, bruised, tender (p. 258)
Eye, pain, stitching (p. 258)
Eye, pain, stitching, canthi, inner (p. 260)
Head, pain, stitching (p. 206)
Head, pain, stitching, forehead (p. 208)

Face, pain, stitching (p. 388)
Face, pain, stitching, left (p. 388)
Face, pain, tearing, left (p. 389)
Face, pain, tearing, extending, to ear (p. 390)

Teeth, pain, toothache in general (p. 433)
Teeth, pain, air, cold (agg.) (p. 435)
Teeth, pain, cold, anything (agg.) (p. 436)
Teeth, pain, cold, drinks, from (p. 436)
Teeth, pain, sound teeth, in (p. 438)
Teeth, pain, touch (agg.) (p. 439)
Teeth, pain, warm, things (agg.) (p. 439)
Teeth, pain, extending, ear (p. 440)
Teeth, pain, extending, face, left side (p. 440)
Teeth, pain, boring (p. 441)
Teeth, pain, boring, in root, sound teeth (p. 441)
Teeth, pain, digging (p. 441)
Teeth, pain, neuralgic (p. 443)
Teeth, pain, sore, bruised (p. 444

Throat, pain, waking, on (p. 459)
Throat, pain, cutting (p. 461)
Throat, pain, rawness (p. 462)
Throat, pain, rawness, waking, on (p. 463)
Throat, pain, sore (p. 463)
Throat, pain, sore, waking, on (p. 464)

Urethra, pain, cutting, extending, from within outward (p. 676)
Urethra, pain, stitching (p. 677)
Urethra, pain, stitching, sitting (p. 678)
Urethra, pain, stitching, sudden, sitting agg. (p. 678)
Urethra, pain, stitching, extending, backward (p. 678)
Urethra, pain, stitching, extending, forward (p. 678)

Affections of gout from Plantago in Kent (all paralitic affections are due to the gout as she writes)

Bladder, paralytic weakness, sphincter (p. 650)
Bladder, tenesmus (p. 651)
Bladder, urging to urinate (morbid desire) (p. 652)
Bladder, urging, morning, rising, on (p. 652)
Bladder, urging, sudden, hasten to urinate, must, or urinate will escape (p. 655)
Bladder, urination, dribbling, involuntary, delayed, if (p. 656)
Bladder, urination, frequent (p. 657)
Bladder, urination, frequent, daytime, and night (p. 657)
Bladder, urination, frequent, night (p. 658)
Bladder, urination, involuntary (p. 659)
Bladder, urination, involuntary, night (incontinence in bed) (p. 659)
Bladder, urination, involuntary, night, midnight to morning (p. 659)
Bladder, urination, involuntary, delayed, if (p. 659)

There is no complete and perfect proving for many small remedies anyway and people barely use small remedies because they don't come at top in the repertory.
We could also test if the remedy covers Hildegards indications for the others, still unknown affections we did not prove yet.

For example nobody uses Platango against insect bites, I do and it works very well !
People use only Apis, Ledum or Cantharis but Platango works fine too. I know this from Hildegard and I tried many time. Even a fresh small plantago leaf would take right away the pain of a insect bite when placed and squeezed onto the bitten spot.

People don't understand the reason for this symptom "Bladder, paralytic weakness, sphincter" which is the gout. The problem is that we only treat symptoms most of the times and don't understand the real cause of the sickness.


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