Tinnitus and Ferrum phoshoricum

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Tinnitus and Ferrum phoshoricum

Post  scarface on Mon Apr 19, 2010 1:16 pm

Tinnitus and Ferrum phoshoricum

I have a friend who had a pain in the right shoulder before Christmas and I gave him Rhus, Silicea and Ferr-p.
I decided to add Ferr-p (in a D12 I guess) because of the following symptoms associated with iron deficiency I know and which I have observed many times : cracking of the articulations and early gray hair (he is around 40)

It happened the he was suffering too and by taking Ferr-p he noticed that the noises in the ears went down very substantially . One day Ferr-p. finished and the the healing process stopped, so he came to me again asking for more Ferr-p for his tinnitus. In the meantime the shoulder had healed.

When he came to me again I checked the Weiher point of Ferrum-ph and this point was VERY painful . He shout and got up from pain when I pressed that point at his right arm (for an explanation regarding the Weiher points see next posting).

I gave to him this time Ferr-p in C30 to take 2-3 times a week and after 1 week he called me to tell me that the noise in the ears vanished completely.

I looked in Radar and could find Ferr-p only in the 1. Grade though. Pretty difficult to come on the idea to give Ferr-p for Tinnitus I think.
And we all know Tinnitus is difficult to heal, even with homeopathy.

So here are some hints from this case for the kind of Tinnitus in which Ferrum-p (or Ferr-m) could be smth. worth to check or to try.

- younger (around 40) and lean people who have already gray hair
- pale or yellow skin in the face

- people who fights for their rights (he has a lot of small fights with his landlord for small things in the flat, he is the kind of guy who revendicates anything that is out of order from the landlord )

- the noises in the ears where worse in the morning and in the evening when going to sleep and while in bed and they got aggravated by stress and tiredness.

- the nature of the noise in the ears : "a hum like a 50 hz electricity"
- frequent cracks in articulations (his knee was cracking often in the last years, this is another symptom that could point to ferr-p after my experience).

- the Weiher Ferr-p point at the right elbow could be painful - I found this point very often painful in an confirmed iron deficiency. Buit if the iron value in the blood it's ok that doesn't mean that the iron it's ok at cell-level or in all organs and sometimes we can have deposits from anorganic ferr-p, the one given by the allopathic medicine which can cause the problem.


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