Weihe presure points - diagnosis by pressure

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Weihe presure points - diagnosis by pressure

Post  scarface on Mon Apr 19, 2010 1:16 pm

Weihe presure points

Dr. med. August Weihe (1840-1896) was the son of a famous doctor and was himself a homeopathic doctor and one of the first students of Hahnemann. His father was also a very good botanist and a good friend of the famous von Boenninghausen.

Weiher Junior discovered around 270 points in the body where painful when a patient needed a certain homeopathic remedy and after intense research had found the connections between many remedies and this points all over the body.
Some of the points are situated on the acupuncture meridians.

Some other open-minded homeopaths continued his work and found some more of this points in the body, so today there are known around 350 pressure points corresponding to 350 homeopathic remedies.

Unfortunately these "Weihe points" (the german name is "die Weiheschen Druckpunkte") are almost forgotten today and they are used only by few homeopaths nowadays.

The problem is that some of the points are not always active, some are false active, even when the remedy is indicated and sometimes 2 different active points is just a hint for a 3rd remedy. But it is hard to tell if the points are false of our expectation about the right remedy is false, because many times a patient will respond positive to more the only one remedy.

This points can be despite this a good help to confirm or not a presumed remedy, to help choose among more remedies when in doubt, or as a fast indicator in urgencies where questioning it is not possible.

There were some homeopaths of the old school who were achieving amazing prescriptions with the help of this method.

I use this method myself and it helped me many times to find the right remedy in urgencies or to decide for a remedy among more choices.
Since these points are a direct sign of the organism they could give us also some hints to remedies which we don't think at the beginning or at all but could be indicated at a close look.

Below a link from google books with the german book about the Weihe points of Hanspeter Seiler, a swiss homeopath:


I found some more online infos about the Weihe points described in this romanian book about homeopathy: http://www.scribd.com/doc/8016705/Mihai-Botez-Curs-Homeopatie-Themis-Art-Iasi

If haven't heard yet of an english translation of Hanspeter Seiler's book. Too bad.


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