Best times to take homeopathic remedies

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Best times to take homeopathic remedies

Post  scarface on Mon Apr 19, 2010 1:12 pm

Best times to take homeopathic remedies

Today something new came to my mind. It might matter, to a certain extent, the time of the day when homeopathic remedies re being taken.

I won't get here into things like moon phase or organ times and other complicated things but consider only a single important aspect: the vital force. The vital force of the soul has its peak in the morning after sleep as anybody knows(except maybe Lachesis patients, etc.).

The soul has at this time of the day usually the most power, the least to do, less thoughts and worries, the nerves are filled with fresh etheric fluidum from the sleep and the body is fresh and stronger too (usually).

And I pretty sure now that this would be also the best part of the day to take remedies.

At least the ones for chronic diseases or constitutional remedies, specially daily doses or LM potencies. And it could be the best time to give that remedies which might create a initial aggravation. The aggravation should be smaller in this part of the day form the vital force point of you of the body & soul.

At any other time of the day both body & soul are more tired and the vital force will be weaker. Maybe, by doing this, it would not make a big difference at all at the end, but it could make a difference for the patient that day. Maybe it would be a smaller possible initial aggravation or it even might contribute to a faster healing. Rested workers get their job faster.

And it makes a difference if I put a rested worker to do something or a tired worker to do the same. And the soul if definitely the "worker" here and he is the strongest in the morning (it happens to know that).

Another thing that came to my mind just now is also: when we eat the soul eats too and gets energy from the food too. (The soul gets only the etheric and spiritual parts of the food out of the the blood. The food is split this way in the 12 chambers of the duodenum, there are 3 chambers for the material parts, 3 for the etheric and 3 for the spiritual parts.)

So by taking this fact also in consideration it would be a little better to give the remedies after the meals, - best time maybe 1,5 - 2 hours after the meals- when the etheric parts of the food have got already into the blood and the soul is stronger too.

This idea came to my mind today only because I was remembered that Hildegards remedies are most taken to certain times (but from different reasons than ours though).

I wonder why this did not came to my mind so far - despite this knowledge - hmm.. so
I will tell people from now on to take remedies in the morning or after meals only ... it is the better time, as I can see now. Maybe it is not a big deal, but this makes more sense to me now after rethinking the whole details.


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