Cobaltum and psoriasis : the link

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Cobaltum and psoriasis : the link

Post  scarface on Mon Apr 19, 2010 1:10 pm

(This is a posting posted originally in another forum)

Let me tell you what I find out regarding Cobaltum and why I was asking for connections between Cobaltum an psoriasis, neuorodermites and some similar skin disorders.

Since Cobaltum is a very seldom used remedy and its provings are proably not complete , or its intoxication symptoms are overwritten in the body, I guess there is no wonder why the link between Cobaltum and this diseases has not been seen so far.

This connection came to my mind after writing the post with the anti-psoriasis cream made with avocado oil and vitamin B12 - a psoriasis cream which is really working ! This cream does better then a dozen of homeopaths ! Here is the original article that I have posted about it:

I was wondering which substance has this amazing healing effect on psoriasis and my first bet was the avocado oil. But now I guess it is mainly done by the vitamin B12 and actually not the vitamin itself but something inside this "vitamin": cobalt.

"Vitamin B12, also called cobalamin, is a water soluble vitamin with a key role in the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system, and for the formation of blood".
Chemical forrmula: C63H88CoN14O14P

So I started to look for cases of psoriasis healed with Cobaltum and dig for more
information about Cobaltum and ... "bingo" , there is a definite link here !

The substance used in the medicine as "Vitamin B12" is actually a dangerous substance since it is a derivate of the original one, it is not identical and it uses a cyanid inside.
They use cyanide in the "purification procedures" of this substance (an excuse to put it there) . Another form of Vitamin B12 is hydroxocobalamin, produced by bacteria.

Wikipedia : "Like other forms of B12, hydroxocobalamin has an intense red color. It is not a form normally found in the human body, but is easily converted in the body to usable coenzyme forms of B12. Pharmaceutically, hydroxycobalamin is usually produced as a sterile injectable solution, and is used for treatment of the vitamin deficiency, and also (because of its afinity for cyanide ion) as a treatment for cyanide poisoning."

So whoever will use the artificial Vitamin B12 in any form will have a damage, as from most pharma products. The Vitamin B12 is based on a lie, as many other vitamins lies and this is an old trick of the pharma to makes us use something bad and expensive that has little in common with the natural vitamin. The molecule form is only used as a troian horse to put cobaltum inside the body.

Here is what I found in a forum, a unwanted proving of Cyanocobalamin.

"Anlass ist, dass ein guter Bekannter ein paar Stunden nach der Einnahme von 1 mg Cyanocobalamin (Füllstoff Magnesiumzitrat und Silikondioxid) extrem starke Neurodermitis mit nässenden Ekzemen bekommen hat und nervlich ziemlich angeschlagen war,"

Translation: "a good friend of mine took 1mg Cyanocobalamin (the pill contains also magnesiumcitrat and silicium oxid) and a couple of hourse later he become a strong neurodermitis with wet eczema and his nerves were pretty stricken"

A second proving of Cyanocobalamin from somebody else, from the same forum:

"Ich habe mir eine ganze weile jeden Tag 1 mg Cyanocobalamin i.m. gegeben...
Die erwünschten wirkungen waren, Stimmungsaufhell und nach 1-2 Wochen, massig Appetit (wirklich extrem), Beschleunigung der Regeneration bei Muskelfaserrissen. Die unerwüsnchten Wirkungen waren extreme Akne, so richtig große Pickel hab ich darauf bekommen, es wurde so schlimm da sich das Zeug genau deswegen dnan wieder abgesetzt habe.....

Translation :"I took every day for a while 1 mg Cyanocobalamin (shot in the muscle). The wanted effectes were: better mood and after 1-2 weeks a really big appetite ( extreme), accelaration of the regeneration of torn muscle fibres. The unwanted effects were extreme acnea, really big pimples and it became so bad I had to quit taking this stuff..."

We should also not forget that in the sintetic Vitamin B12 used above not only cobalt itself is something poisoning but also the cyanid used and we have also to remember that there are also many radioactive isotops of cobalt too.

Actually cobalt is one of the most dangerous and poisoning elements which exist, it can be also radioactive and it is used in all kind of daily products :


"Cobalt(II) oxide appears as olive-green to red crystals, or greyish or black powder.[3] It is used extensively in the ceramics industry as an additive to create blue colored glazes and enamels as well as in the chemical industry for producing cobalt(II) salts. "

Cobalt(II) sulfate has been shown to be toxic and slightly carcinogenic upon inhalation in mice.[5] It has also been shown to be a mutagen in salmonella.[6] It was once added to a beer by the Quebec brewing company Dow in order to improve the head, resulting in 16 deaths and numerous cases of cobalt sulfate poisoning. [7]

"Cobalt sulfat... It is used the preparation of pigments, as well as in the manufacture of other cobalt salts. Cobalt pigment is used in porcelains and glass. Cobalt(II) sulfate is used in storage batteries and electroplating baths, sympathetic inks, and as an additive to soils and animal feeds.[3] In the past, cobalt(II) sulfate was used to improve the stability of foam in beer and to treat some forms of anemia not responsive to other treatments.[4]"

Read twice: it is still used as an additive to soils and animal feeds although they know exactely it is highly toxic and carcinogenic !!!!!

German Wikipedia: "Cobalt(II)-chlorid is carcinogenic, damages the embryo and changes DNA"

Cobalt(II) chloride: "A common use for cobalt(II) chloride is for the detection of moisture, for example in drying agents such as silica gel. When cobalt(II) chloride is added as an indicator, the drying agent is blue when still active, pink when exhausted, corresponding to anhydrous and hydrated CoCl2, respectively. Similarly, paper impregnated with cobalt chloride, known as "cobalt chloride paper" is used to detect the presence of water."

"The German chemist Alfred Werner was awarded the Nobel prize in 1913 for his studies on a series of these cobalt(III) compounds, work that led to an understanding of the structures of such coordination compounds." Many Nobel prices were given for researching or deiscovering the most dangerous substances.

Cobalt(II)-nitrat- (German Wikipedia): "Cobalt(II)-chlorid is highly toxic, carcinogenic and is supossed to damage the embryo.. it is ued in the ceramics industry "

Cobalt(II)-silicat - an article about it was deleted in the german version of Wikipedia by a very suspect guy who erased many critical articles. I think this substance it used in something people should not know !

Cobalt(II)-carbonat - it is very poisoning as every cobalt combination and used in ceramics

Radioactive cobalt isotopes

Cobalt-60 (Co-60 or 60Co) is a radioactive metal that is used in radiotherapy. The metal has the unfortunate habit of producing a fine dust, causing problems with radiation protection. Cobalt-60 has a radioactive half-life of 5.27 years. This decrease in activity requires periodic replacement of the sources used in radiotherapy and is one reason why cobalt machines have been largely replaced by linear accelerators in modern radiation therapy. Cobalt from radiotherapy machines has been a serious hazard when not disposed of properly, and one of the worst radiation contamination accidents in North America occurred in 1984, after a discarded cobalt-60 containing radiotherapy unit was mistakenly disassembled in a junkyard in Juarez, Mexico.[6][7]

Cobalt-57 (Co-57 or 57Co) is a cobalt radioisotope most often used in medical tests, as a radiolabel for vitamin B12 uptake, and for the Schilling test.[8]"

Industrial uses for radioactive isotopes
Cobalt-60 (Co-60 or 60Co) is useful as a gamma ray source because it can be produced in predictable quantity and high activity by simply exposing natural cobalt to neutrons in a reactor for a period. Its uses include sterilization of medical supplies and medical waste, radiation treatment of foods for sterilization (cold pasteurization), industrial radiography (e.g., weld integrity radiographs), density measurements (e.g., concrete density measurements), and tank fill height switches.

"Cobalt alloys are also used for dental prosthetics"

Radioactive cobalt is recycled and melted with steel and so many steel kitchen objects and cooking tools contain radioactive cobalt. There is an effect of the aura of cobalt too, a pot or a glass containing cobalt will change something in the food or in the water.

Although cobalt is an essential element for life in minute amounts, at higher levels of exposure it shows mutagenic and carcinogenic effects similar to nickel (see Cobalt Poisoning).[34] In 1966, the addition of cobalt compounds to stabilize beer foam in Canada led to cardiomyopathy, which came to be known as beer drinker's cardiomyopathy.[35] Powdered cobalt in metal form is a fire hazard. After nickel and chromium, cobalt is a major cause of contact dermatitis.[36]

Cobalt-60 as weapon
Nuclear weapon designs could intentionally incorporate 59Co, some of which would be activated in a nuclear explosion to produce 60Co. The 60Co, dispersed as nuclear fallout, creates what is sometimes called a dirty bomb or cobalt bomb.[9]

Let's summarize. One of the most poisoning substances on earth is used today in differnet combinations :

- extensively in the ceramics (floor, bathrooms, kitchens)
- as a color pigment in porcelains and glass (plates, glases, cups)
- in silica gel (packages shipped, electronics)
- as an additive to soils
- as an aditive to animal feeds
- newpapers, magazines, photo paper, ink
- cobalt alloy is used in dental prosthetics
- cobalt is a major cause of contact dermatitis.
- was used in atomic bombs experiments

The radioactive isotop of cobalt is used for sterilization of medical supplies and medical waste, radiation treatment of foods for sterilization (cold pasteurization)

And nobody really cares or know about where cobalt is beeing used or about its effects upon health. I would call cobalt the unknown mercury !

I guess we all have some poisoning cobalt in us, and we all get a daily intake, but as with any other poison, it seem that it does not have the same (visable) damage in every body.

But I see now a big connection between skin affections and this poison and my intuition might be pretty right, since I found now 2 cases of psosiaris healed by Cobaltum.
This are 2 cases from 5 totally cases I could find so far.

The first case of psoriazis healed with Cobaltum I found in the book of Sankaran "Substance of homeopathy" and the second case is here:

Here is a small excerpt from the article:

"A case of Psoriasis
In green is my thought process.
Italics are used to highlight pertinent phrases.

Mr. P. J. 39 years old came with the diagnosed palmar - plantar psoriasis on 26 April 2005.
He hailed from Uttar Pradesh and spoke fluent rather proficient Hindi.
I am presenting the english translation of the entire case with few of his Hindi words in bracket so that mere translation doesn’t miss the charm of “how he perceived and felt” in life.

“I have Psoriasis. It gets aggravated in summer. Itching is aggravated at night. There are many cracks with watery discharge and much bleeding. They are mainly on palms, soles and axillae. Since birth, I have weakness in left hand [shows his entire left hand]. I took Homoeopathy for it. I was better with it but still I can’t do much work with this hand. "

"When I read Cobaltum metallicum, from Complete, under section of Mind,

(He feels people will feel he has committed crime and will isolate him)
Also, I have learnt that the feeling of guilt and crime go hand in hand in Cobaltum. And these feelings come from their underlying feeling of being failed at the given task, not able to finish /achieve the task, failing just before achievement.

Further, mind symptoms from complete repertory,

Anxiety: conscience, of.
Delusions, imaginations: criminal, that he is a.
Delusions, imaginations: despised, is.
Delusions, imaginations: wrong: he has done.
Sadness, despondency, depression, melancholy.
(His issue is loosing respect in society to an extent that not allowed to participate /to sit near anybody on various occasions and religious ceremonies.)

Also, we see Sun agg. (Phatak rep.)
(His Psoriasis gets aggravated in summer)

When I read Cobaltum from Scholten, under the section of Non-homoeopathic uses, I find-
“The name is derived from the word 'kobold', meaning 'bad spirit', because this metal was an unwanted discovery in the search for more precious metals like copper, silver and gold”.

Interestingly, this feeling of unwanted, go off, keep aside, and isolation we get as a center theme of this case. Such expressions point towards leprous miasm.
Leprous theme of Cobaltum was confirmed from following symptoms
Sense of guilt. (Vermeulen)
Thinks too little of himself. (Vermeulen)"

For the symptoms of skin, I found,
Bleed easily when scratched. (Vermeulen)
Itching of the skin when warm in bed at night. (Clarke)
Aggravation Heat of bed or sun

Because of :
- the proven healing effect of the the cobaltum containging Regividerm creme in psoriasis and neurodermitis
- the 2 provings cases from above (neurodermitis and acne),
- the two psoriasis cases healed with Cobaltum
- the intensive use of cobalt in things we get daily in contact, in food and air

I see a very close connection between many affections, specially skin affection and cobalt poisoning.

The fact that Cobaltum would come up in repertorisation only when certain main symptoms are present (typical mind symptoms, impotency, back pain, joint pains, etc) it is a very little known and used remedy.

So my thoughts and suggestions for the practitioners who deal with patients with skin problems or for the patients himself:

- check the main characteristic of cobaltum in these patients, specially the mind ones
- check if the main modalities of skin problems match
- check if small potencies of cobaltum (LM2-LM3 or C6-C9) do any good to the skin when nothing else works
- try a low dillution of cobaltum metallicum or sulfuricum or another combination, or even liquid vitamin B12 applied on the skin. But after the liquid was absorbed by the skin use a good and natural skin oil to help the skin recover (olive oil, avocado oil, etc.). This could have the same effect as the expensive Regividerm cream. Don't forget something : when the skin heals it might need an oil or a cream to help and keep it moist and keep bacterias away, using a Cobaltum containing dillution alone could get a local aggravation first and some people would take this aggravation as a failure. There are some creams with plants extracts which applied locally could help here too - calendula, etc..

- don't forget that are different combinations of Cobaltum to be used and the skin symptoms might be changed depending of the other elements used: Cobaltum nitricum, Cobaltum sulfuricum, Cobaltum muriaticum (chloratum), Cobaltum oxide, Cobaltum phosphoricum, Caobaltum iodatum, Cobaltum fluoride. Check first for halogen (Iod, Chlor, Fluorid, Brom) in the skin problems first since they are easy to recognize, then check for Sulphur aspects of the skin and personalitity (lot of fire, heat, dry skin, cracks, etc.) or for the phosphor personality, etc.

If Cobaltum remedies worked, then give us feedback so we can gather some more facts and experience.

I am pretty sure this is a very important path to follow. My intuitions guided me many times to a unkown but good paths in the past. I only use the Hahnemannian method here : watch for the daily poisons, make observations, gather facts and you will find the remedy for your sickness.

Something easy that could help here to find is Cobalt is indicated : the Weihe point of Cobaltum, if that point is painfull or unpleasent this could be a small hint for the remedy.

It is situated at the the edge of the right side nipple areola. Vertical position : middle of the nipple.

Evidence and symptoms about the poisoning with cobalt could be easily found in people who cut or work with ceramics or polish or engrave cobalt containing cups (blue, red) very often.

More links about the toxicity of some cobalt combinations:

Cobalt is beeing used in polishing wax, anti-rust sprays, coating and sealing materias. In a lot of stuff for home use:

- Minwax Wood Finish,
- Rust Oleum Premium Stops Rust Protective Enamel Spray 7765 Regal
- Minwax Polyshades Int. Stain & Polyurethane Satin Finish
- Sherwin-Williams PrepRite QUICK SEAL Exterior Interior Alkyd Fast Dry Primer, White
- Sherwin-Williams Sher-Wood Wiping Stain Concentrates [Home Maintenance]
- Glidden Ultra Hide Alkyd Semi Gloss Interior, Deep Tint Base [Home Maintenance]
- Sherwin-Williams Color Accents Interior Oil Base Semi Gloss Enamel, Ultradeep Base[Home Maintenance]
- Sherwin-Williams Woodscapes Machine Finishes Alkyd Base Coat, Deep Base[Home Maintenance]

Synthetic vitamin B12 in USA is different then synthetic Vitamin B12 in other countries.

Wikipedia; "For most, the standard therapy for treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency has been intramuscular (IM) injections of vitamin B12 in the form of cyanocobalamin (CNCbl) or hydroxocobalamin (OHCbl). CNCbl is traditionally prescribed in the United States. Outside of the United States, OHCbl is most generally used for vitamin B12 replacement therapy and is considered the “drug of choice” for vitamin B12 deficiency by the Martindale Extra Pharmacopoeia (Sweetman, 2002) and the World Health Organization (WHO) Model List of Essential Drugs. This preference for OHCbl in many countries is due to its long retention in the body and the need for less frequent IM injections in restoring vitamin B12 (cobalamin) serum levels. "

I recommend anyone who confirms this link to psoriasis or other skin disorders, who used Cobaltum on patients so far or who finds out anything new regarding this link to post here his experiences with Cobaltum remedies.



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