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Who is this forum for

Post  scarface on Fri Apr 16, 2010 5:20 am

Welcome to this new and unique forum.

Anyone who is interested in real homeopathy and not in the prejudiced homeopathy,
anyone who is interested in free and open discussion and not in dogma and prejudices,
anyone interested in other forms of making homeopathic remedies other then the conventional method will like and appreciate this forum.

For the narrow-minded and the prejudices ones this information it will serve so much as homeopathy related information for a skeptical allopath: for laughing and irony.

Anything new in this world is being fought by the prejudiced and narrow-minded people as Hahnemann and homeopathy is still being fought against.
With paper written remedies (PRs) and/or any other method of producing working homeopathic medicine different then the conventional way, it will be no difference.

We don't need this kind of people here and any ironic and not honorable behavior will
lead to a closed door for that person.

If you have no real interest in the kind of information and discussions from this forum, than you are in the wrong place and should not be here at all or you should leave it. Nobody should go to places that he doesn't like or where he consider loosing his time with things he cannot believe in.

Any open minded homeopath or patient who will try this methods it will find out that they really work. Only the own mind can be a barrier in using this kind of remedies.
So do not let you be influenced by the own prejudices or by the prejudices of other people, but stay with the facts gathered from your own experience. Let the facts speak before letting prejudices stop you in doing anything.

The paper written remedies (PRs) open amazing many and new possibilities in treating people around the world with no money, no delay, with no effort, with no cost, with no shipping, with no waiting time, with no time or space barrier. They are even suitable in making research and provings.

May God bless and help anyone with a good will to be able to understand and use this kind of remedies and this unique information in this forum for the sake of the sick or the poor, for the progress of the humanity towards free, simple and effective healing methods.

The future started, just get into the rocket and Hahnemann will come along :
"The physician's high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure"

So who really cares how the remedies has been produced as long as they work ?

Regards, Scarface


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